Peco XC – Race 4 – Sunday 24th January

The fourth race of the 15/16 Peco XC League will be held on Sunday 24th January at Golden Acre Park (approx. 30 minute drive from KCC).

Registration and start times as follows;
• Women
Registration – 09:15am until 10:30am / Start – 10:40am
• Men
Registration – 10:15am until 11:15am / Start – 11:30am

If you would like to be a part of the club car share scheme, please meet at KCC for 09:10am, for a 09:15am departure (this takes into account the Women’s start time). This will allow plenty of time to travel to the venue, get parked up, pitch our tent and club flag, allow each participant to register for the race (£3 on the day) and get warmed up prior to the start times. Please also complete the sign up sheet on the club noticeboard so we know who is taking part in the car share scheme or who will meet us there.

Upon arrival, please take note of the following regarding car parking (taken directly from the Peco XC website) –
“Parking is very limited, so PLEASE car share if at all possible!! The Arthington Road car park is fairly small, so, unless you arrive early, it is probably best to park in the main car park (on the A660) and walk across the park to the race HQ. If you park on Arthington Road itself, please do so with care and consideration: only park on the northbound side (i.e. the same side as the car park) and with your vehicle facing north (i.e. facing the correct way for driving on that side of the road). It is highly likely that the police will cruise by looking for dangerously and / or illegally parked vehicles. You have been warned!”

Also note that this course is suitable for spikes.

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