A Mob Match defeat but what a week….

A few from the week before….

I missed a couple of results from last week’s round up. Claire Killingworth and Laura Baker made the trip over to Leeds for the 10K and recorded PB times of 56:24 and 59:20. At the Kilburn Feast 7 mile race, James Cornforth ran a 49:37, with Cornforth senior (aka Philip) recording a time of 56:24.

Over to this weekends results….

The weekend started off in the usual fashion – parkrun! At Harrogate Rob Earl (21:57) was the first of the Striders contingent back, followed shortly after by a PBing Mark Taylor (22:36). Julian Carr (25:01) and Paul Heywood (25:58) took on volunteer roles as pacers and were joined by Mark Shelton (27:00).

Up North in Gateshead, Nicola Carter recorded a time of 23:48 and at Sewerby near Scarborough, Jason Green stopped the timer on 23:11.

On Sunday, Jason took on the ‘No Ego Challenge’ at Dalby Forest. This was supposed to be a half marathon event (13.1 miles) but unfortunately for Jason and the other runners, some forest fairies decided to change some of the signs around, leaving the competitors to complete a 15 mile route! Despite the detour on the route and the hot weather, Jason recorded an excellent time of 01:58:45.

Sunday was also the day of this year’s Mob Match at the Burton Leonard 10k – possibly the most important event of the year! Although we didn’t retain the trophy, the best part of the event for me was seeing the 37 Striders who took part all enjoying themselves (well at least I think they did!). The Striders turnout was twice as big as the 2015 event – a great advert for how our club is developing and encouraging people to take on these types of challenges.

So to the results….take a deep breath as this will take a while….Tom Calvert led the way with a time of 39:26. He was chased down by club newcomer Rob Earl (40:29), Martin Brock (40:37) and Simon Shaw (40:58). James Cornforth had a fast last km to finish in 41:57, just outpacing Guy Close (42:09), Andy Robinson (42:16) and James Wright (42:22). Ian Waller (43:56) was next, heading a pack of 7 Striders who came across the line in the next two minutes – Dan Wilson (44:12), Ian Mitchell (45:26), Graham Yare (45:48), Sean Brennan (45:51), Nicola Carter (46:30) and Sima Lowery (46:56). Andy Roberts (47:54) just held off Phil Cornforth (47:58), with Gareth Conkleton (48:16), Graham Taylor (48:30) following. Julian Carr and David Halladay were split by only 1 second, finishing in 49:42 and 49:43 respectively. Anna Cornforth (49:56), Paul Heywood (55:20), Claire Killingworth (59:39) all came in under the hour mark and were followed by Sue Morley (01:00:25), Mark Shelton (01:00:32), Roy Cooley (01:00:43), Tony Everitt (01:01:36), Natalie Hale (01:04:08), Edna Wood (01:05:33), Lucy Cartwright (01:06:19), June Graham (01:07:02), Bill Kirkpatrick (01:09:53), Katie Gray (01:10:02), Susan Randell (01:10:04), Tracy Allison (01:11:43) and Anne Cooley (01:13:53). Well done to everyone that took part – we will take the trophy back off those pesky Nidd Valley Runners in 2017!

See you all at the Time Trial and BBQ on Tuesday night.


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