Yorkshire Veterans Athletic Association – WE ARE NOW AFFILIATED!

At the last Club Committee meeting it was decided to join this Association. The YVAA Committee organise a Grand Prix series of up to 10 races in Yorkshire (many within easy driving distance).

This year there are nine races scheduled. Most are mixed terrain and up to 10 klms. These races are only £5 per person to enter and there is food and  plenty of prizes after each race. These races will open a host of new   venues for Striders .  You can Register your details on  the  website for these events at www.yvaa.org . Go to, Grand Prix and at the bottom of the page is an entry form. This simply saves a lot of hassle trying to register at your 1st race. Do enter at least 48 hours before your 1st event. Its a dead simple form.  The events are open to Men and Ladies, to score as an Individual and for your Club you have to be 35 years old on the date of the 1st event. Men and Ladies who are 33 and 34 can run but will not score.

Secondly a  Championship is held for each Classic running distance – 5k, 5miles, 10k, 10miles, 1/2 Marathon and 15miles. Open races are selected to incorporate the Yorkshire Vets Championships. You simply enter the designated  races and as a member of YVAA your result will be identified to the Committee  by each Event organiser. The events selected for 2017 can be viewed on the website (go to ‘Championship Races’).

Further, there is a Fell Championship race, a Vets Cross country, Vet Relays and a Track and Field event is held (usually at Spenborough Stadium).

Do read the website for the fullest of details and I am always available to give further information or clarifications to Members. You do need an England AthleticsIndividual Number to compete.    

These are really enjoyable events.

Go Striders – at least once to try it out!     

Thanks Eric

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