At a Committee meeting 17/9/17 we decided to make West Yorkshire Cross Country League  events available to members as well as the PECO League.  Race Dates   1. Saturday 14th October @Wakefield

2. Sunday 29th October @  Guiseley

3. Sunday 19th November @ Spenborough

4.Saturday 9th December @ Keighley.

For fuller details of each race go to and then Click, Cross Country league.

If you wish to enter the 1st race at Wakefield please tell me by  E mail,  or by telephone 866983 or at The Club, Tuesday 19/9/17.

Tell me  and  make a payment of £15 to cover the 4 events  by  21/9/17 at 21.00 hours. To compete you  must have  a personal  UKA Registrati0n number which attaches you to Knaresborough Striders, and wear Club Colours . I will take  your EA number and Date of Birth from the Club list.

However the PECO Cross Country league   remains our priority  through the season. We want to turn out more members this season at these great events.

The Peco League is friendly, all standards can compete, the  5 races are usually all local, and take place on a Sunday morning and there is  after race food.  If  you are new to the club do ask  those who have competed in the league about it.  Come and give it a try      The Race dates for Peco fixtures will be available soon.

Thanks Eric



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