Going Dutch in ‘Hotterdam’

Kipsang, Kibet and Kipkemoi are some of the huge names to have graced the Rotterdam marathon in recent years. They were joined this year by a Knaresborough Striders group who graced the flat, fast course on what is renowned as one of Europe’s leading running events.

Flying out on the Friday before the race, our intrepid racers were treated to some unexpected luxury in the Premier lounge at Leeds Bradford airport, before Chairman James expertly led the group through the Dutch railway system to their final destination!

The Netherlands’ biggest one-day sporting event turned out to be a really, really warm one this year, with the famous Coolsingel becoming the ‘Hotsingel’ for the 1000s of competitors! Our Striders worked hard in the sapping conditions, cheered on by Clare Rogers and Natalie Hale who would have been running, barring injuries!

In the Quarter-Marathon, Simon Rider was first home in 1:01:25, followed by
Sarah Hill (1:08:49) and Emma Walsh (1:27:26).

In the ‘full’ Marathon, a smiling Martin Brock (3:27:58) followed closely by James Wright (3:29:49), both breaking the ‘three-and-a-half’ barrier. Georgina Townsend (4:23:03) and Claire Killingworth (5:03:41) completed a quartet of mighty efforts on the hot tarmac.

With the racing done the group rewarded themselves with pizza, Dutch beer and a lifting of a self-imposed wine ban!

Well done ‘Striders-on-tour’!

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