Time Trial No.2 – 10th July 2018

Time Trial No.2 – 10th July 2018

Time flies and so this week saw the second of this year’s 3-mile time-trial around the local Aspin area of Knaresborough. The Great Yorkshire Show and the onset of the holidays meant that numbers were down a little on the earlier attempt, yet 41 willing members took on the challenge. Two laps of Aspin lay ahead, the first extended a little via the Abbey Crags area, taking our runners rocketing down Rievaulx, grumbling along Grimbald (that setting sun was blinding) and galloping (!) up ‘Grave Concern’ before ambling down Aspin back to the cricket club.
Whilst many of our members had hoped to show off their improvement from recent months of training and racing, the continued sapping heat presented quite a hurdle. Maybe we’ve become accustomed to it though, as nearly all the returning members were indeed able to improve on their previous performances! In fact, after our resident statistician had sweated over the results, they declared that the Striders had on average reduced their times by 5%!

‘Who were the biggest movers then?’ you might well ask…    Serious kudos goes firstly to Jess Dobson, who knocked 13% off her previous time, Fyn Lees was 15% improved and the biggest progress, with an incredible reduction of 17%… Ruth Mann! That means Ruth now has 8 whole minutes of her life spare to do… well, whatever she wants.

At the pointy end of the results, Tom Calvert was first back in a sizzling 17:39, chased by James Wright in 17:53. James’s times have improved so much recently that he was entertaining ideas about catching Tom… well not quite this time, but those 14 seconds aren’t impossible to find! Martin Brock completed the (non-existent) podium, slicing half-a-minute from his April time. Fastest lady was Sima Lowery in 9th, clocking 21:16 and 15sec faster than Nicola’s winning time in April… a showdown beckons at the next time-trial!

The field was peppered with new members, returning members and one prospective member – Jamie Bowker – who turned up to try out Striders and found himself signing up for a time trial! Thanks to James Wright who scooped up a somewhat discombobulated Jamie at the half-way point and guided him around the second lap! Once again, our Zero-to-Hero graduates featured throughout the field and we look forward to seeing some of them step up through our groups soon!

Finally, a HUGE thanks to our marshals and organisers on the night, to Dan who provided water outside Wilson Manor, to our photographers and to the cycling Weltons, whose video work captured another perspective of the event!
The full results can be found here, including previous times and improvement for those who’ve been fortunate enough to attend both events: Striders TT Results July 2018

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