Dark times lie ahead of us…

Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

Prof. Albus Dumbledore


He was of course referring to the problems which runners and joggers face at this time of year, but what is  ‘easy‘?



“Too dark…”


“I’ve no-one to run with…”


“These crisps are going out of date and that box set isn’t going to watch itself….”

So what is ‘right‘ then?

1am, Mizuno Endure 2018. Headtorch galore!

1am at Endure 2018. Headtorches galore!

Get yourself down to Knaresborough Striders on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Grab yourself some hi-vis, maybe a headtorch and something reflective, and join like-minded folks running and training right through the dark months!

Wanting running or jogging groups, heading out for local runs with trained leaders? That’s still happening.

Fancying structured training to improve your performance? Yep, that still happens.

Needing to get that all-important mileage in before a big event? There will be others needing to do the same!

Needing to moan about your strained ligaments or get ideas for your next race challenge? There is a lot of useful (and useless) chatter out on our runs and in the bar afterwards!

Our existing members know all about the benefits of ‘Striding’ through the dark months but if you fancy giving it a try why not head down to a club night soon?

More details about the benefits, training and how to join are right here on our website: http://knaresborough-striders.org.uk/about-the-club/

See you soon!

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