1. ADULT ENTRY.  SERIES ENTRY. Chip timed Race number   and  Entry to 5 Races  £ 14.

Collect your  number from myself  Pre Race  1  or  Collect  on Race day from me. Keep this number for the Series.

2.      ADULT ENTRY.  SINGLE ENTRY. Chip timed Race number  Entry to 1 Race  £7

When doing your  1st  SINGLE ENTRY please let me know, I have to issue the number to you.

Further races can be entered for £4. Keep the same number for each race you enter.

3. JUNIOR ENTRY. SERIES ENTRY. Chip timed number,  Entry to  5 Races £6.

Numbers can be collected from me  pre Race 1  if I have them or on Race day.

4. JUNIOR  ENTRY.   SINGLE ENTRY.  Chip timed  number,  Entry to   1 Race £4 (£2.50  race number and £1.50 Race ). Collect race number from myself before your  chosen  race or on Race day. When  doing your  1st Single entry do let me know. Keep this number for all events you enter.

ONLINE  ENTRY  Will open  Monday October 15th and will close ( for SERIES  ENTRYS)  Thursday November 15th.   This will allow Series  Race Entrants numbers to be  personalised by Name and Club.

SINGLE RACE ENTRANTS,  Closing date for Race  1  is Friday November 23.

On the day REGISTRATION, will cater for  Guest runners, JUNIOR, Single Race entrants, Number replacement(at a cost) and general enquiries.

The  League  Organiser  will  be  putting  a FAQ’s Section on the Website ,    Re- REGISTRATION in due course.


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