AGM – Invite, Date and Details

I am writing to invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting which will take place after the Club run on Tuesday 5 March, 2019, from about 8.30pm.

The following Committee Member positions are coming to the end of their term.  If you would like to step forward and apply to become a member of the Committee or help out please do so by completing the Committee Nomination Form or paper version available from the Club Secretary, or speak to the appropriate Committee Member to find out more about their roles.  Please find below a short summary of duties:-


  • Attend bi-monthly Committee meetings
  • Follow-up on actions arising from Committee meetings
  • Give support for social and race events

Vice Chair (Dan Wilson)

  • Deputise for Chair in his/her absence on Committee Meetings and in general
  • Annually review and update the club Health and Safety Policy
  • Assist with duties of other committee members and projects arising as and when necessary

Race and Fixtures Secretary (Eric Morley)

  • Organise the Club Championship
  • Arrange and co-ordinate Club participation in the Cross Country team events
  • Promote and encourage members to enter and involve themselves in other events such as time trials, team events, relays, races
  • Plan and coach weekly training sessions on a Club night


  • Maintain an up-to-date record of members
  • Inform the Committee of membership on a monthly basis
  • Inform the Race and Fixtures Secretary of new members for race registrations
  • Liaise with the Treasurer and Secretary regarding membership payments and any other queries
  • Annually maintain the online Membership Form and update with any changes to terms and conditions

England Athletics

  • Add new EA registrants to the England Athletics website
  • Raise invoices for new EA registrants


  • Respond to Committee enquiries
  • Respond to members enquiries on EA membership
  • Email enquiries to Committee and members as required


  • Arrange social events, namely:-

Arrange venues

Arrange food

Arrange any prizes

Record numbers attending

Keep members informed of upcoming events



Club Secretary


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