Next Tuesday: Predictor Run


Next Tuesday evening (20th Sept) is our annual ‘Predictor Run’.

A test of how well you know your own pace….   how accurately can you predict your time around our 5k or 5mile courses – with no watch, no phone, just your feet and gut feel! It’s not a race – rather a social run with a chance to understand your own running a little better! You can pick whatever pace you fancy…. but will it get you back in your predicted time?

It’s just £1 to enter, with cash prizes for those with the closest predictions! Be at the clubhouse, from 7pm.

Note that this isn’t a race and therefore isn’t marshalled. You will find your own way around the chosen course.

The 5 km course is the same as that used for our 5K time trials.

The 5 mile course is a little longer, using many of the roads around the edge of the town which we use in the Winter months: Aspin Lane –  Stockdale Walk – Windsor Lane -Briggate – Waterside – Bond End – Borobridge Road – Scriven Road – Greengate Lane – Halfpenny Lane – Chain Lane – York Road – Gracious Street – Windsor Lane – Stockdale Walk – Aspin Lane. A diagram of the route is shown below.

We will need just a handful of volunteers to help with timing, numbers and the like – if you are willing, please let Edna know.


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