Starting order and time gaps for Time Trial #3

Starting order and time gaps for Time Trial #3

Tuesday 3rd September is our final Time Trial of the year. We will tackle the usual 5km course for a third time, but this time around it’s a handicap based on your best finishing time from the previous two events.

We can now announce the gaps and start-times! These are based upon the faster of your two previous attempts this year. If you think there are any errors, let us know. Remember that if you have not taken part in either of the two previous events, you can still join in, heading out with our first runner. Alternatively if you

Runners will head off at intervals over a period of 25 minutes. You can find your ‘gap’ back from the first runner in the table below, along with your expected start time – assuming the first runner departs at 7.30pm. It will be really useful if you have familiarised yourself with this and keep yourselves in order as your approach the start – once underway the starts will be very frequent and only seconds apart! We expect our first runner to be away shortly after 7.30pm. Please arrive early after 7pm to register.

2019 TT3 gaps

We should end up with a mass of runners arriving back over a very short period, so we will appreciate extra helpers at the finish to record the times.

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