Route for Thursday Run (31st October)

The route for this Thursday’s run is detailed below. We will be taking the ‘streetlit’ route around the edge of Knaresborough, with a few swerves along the way to suit our different groups.

Hopefully the map below is self-explanatory, particularly for those familiar with our routes, but a more detailed explanation follows.

knaresborough street-lit anticlockwise

All groups head down from the club out of the Aspin estate, along Wetherby Road and Manse Lane, then cross York Road before taking the tried-and-tested route through Eastfields to the Spinney: Nidderdale Road, Eastfield, Farndale Road, Malham Way, and the snicket into The Spinney. All groups continue along Chain Lane to the shops.

At the roundabouts, Jog 2 will head up Stockwell Lane and then right along Stockwell Rd, meeting the other routes at the Petrol Station. The remaining groups head along Halfpenny Lane.

At the end of Halfpenny lane, Jog 1 turn left up Borobridge Road, whilst the remaining runners turn right, taking the extra loop around Greengate Lane, Scriven Road, Scotch Gorge Lane and Woodpark Avenue.

At this point, run group may head for a loop along Stockwell Road and back down the high street.

All other routes head from the Petrol Station past the bottom of the High street to Waterside, now heading on the homeward stretch.

Jog 1 and Jog 2 will head back via Waterbag Bank, Kirkgate, and Chapel Street, whilst Inters and Run groups will run along the length Waterside and up Castle Ings.

All groups will then return to the club via Windsor Lane, Stockdale Walk and Aspin Lane.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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