Expected distance and pace for our groups

We have recently updated our training page to make the expected distance and pace for each of our Tues/Thursday groups a bit easier to understand!

Walking Group

Many Tuesdays we have a walk group, catering for those who are building up to Jog or perhaps recovering from injury.

Jog Groups
We sometimes have as many as three Jogging groups in the club, catering for all – from the novice runner, up to the seasoned weekend 10k racer and beyond. So if you are new to running or training for a first event this is a great place to come and experience Striders first hand:

  • Jog 3 : up to 3½ miles at pace of 13:00+ min miles.
  • Jog 2 : up to 4 miles at an average pace of 11:45 mins / mile.
  • Jog 1 : up to 4½ miles an average pace of 10:15 mins / mile.

Intermediate Group
This group is aimed at the regular runner who enjoys a steady run out with a few stops to catch your breath on the way. The usual distance is between 4½ and 5 miles for this group at an average paceof 9:15 mins/mile.

Run Group
This group is aimed at the faster regular runner. The usual distance run is approximately 10km at an average pace of around 8:15min/mile.

The distance and pace will of course vary from session to session, depending on the weather conditions, surface being run on and the number of runners in a given group on that occasion.

Structured Training Session, May 2017

Structured Training Session

Structured Training Sessions
Taking place on Tuesdays, these sessions are aimed at everyone who is looking to improve. Using a mix of intervals, hills, speed and endurance work the aim is to make you fitter, faster and stronger while still enjoying yourself and adding an occasional bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure! So if you are chasing that parkrun PB or want to move up from one group to the next, come along on a Tuesday and we will do our best to help.

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