Report: Time Trial #1, 31st March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

The first Tuesday since the clocks ‘leapt’ forward saw the first running of our 2020 series of three 5k time trials .

A cool, dry Spring evening provided perfect conditions for our Striders, which combined with the quieter-than-normal local roads, presented a great chance to lay down a marker to beat as the year progresses.

Last year’s time trials had seen a clean sweep by ‘The Toms’ (Calvert & Killmurray) and this year’s first event was no different – Tom C (18:59) sweeping out the larder whilst Tom K (19:21) caught up on the latest edition of Rylan’s Supermarket Sweep on ITV2. James Ireland – always a strong contender – put down a time to beat, clocking a remarkable 19:50 to complete his jigsaw of Knaresborough Viaduct. If anyone’s seen the missing piece just to the left of Marigold cafe, please let him know. First lady home was Nicola Carter who took just 22:19 to iron all of Alan’s pants, chased in by Sima Lowery, who managed to complete two bedtime stories in 23:56 and Catherine Morland who navigated a particularly tricky birthday cake in 24:06.

Last year saw Dave Sinton reduce his times considerably and this continued into 2020, as he reduced to 28:42 the time it takes to tell his ‘If it wasn’t for the cancellation of parkrun I wouldn’t have broken my ankle’ tale of woe. He was followed in by Julian who spent 29:00 watching a re-run of ‘Come fly with me’. In a tightly-fought battle, Sarah Gore (29:42) just got the better of Guy Marshall (29:56). Sarah was flicking between Corrie and Judge Judy, whilst Guy installed an update of Windows.

Other notable performances included:

  • Sue Morley (31:43) to clean all her fell shoes
  • James Wright (19:59) online shopping for running shoes
  • Amy Naylor (26:32) sending motivational GIFs on the EBRC group chat
  • Gary Webster (23:64) still going on about his Castle Yard segment
  • Lizzie Medwell (32:19) trying to untangle from a particularly difficult Pilates position
  • Mhari Sellar (26:79) hanging upside-down
  • Debbie Herridge (31:31) dreaming of Filey
  • Sean Brennan (25:25) sticking a plaster on his knee
  • Ted Welton (21:00) messaging Linda about alternative uses for a trundle wheel
  • Linda Dodsworth (27:19) messaging Ted about alternative uses for plastic cones
  • Steve Dodsworth (24:82) wondering why Linda’s spending so much time messaging people when parkrun’s cancelled.
  • Martin Brock (22:01) sneaking questions about Cornwall into his latest quiz.

A number of our key workers were not able to compete due to saving lives. Conrad was injured.

A huge well done to EVERYONE who didn’t take part!

Full results below:

TT1 2020

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