Mob Match (VC20 Event 4) is underway!

This year’s Mob Match has begun!

This annual challenge sees Knaresborough Striders challenge our friends and rivals at Nidd Valley Road Runners to take home the shield, which has been retained by Nidd Valley for several years… must be time to change that!

Mob Match

In spite of this year’s host race (Staveley Stampede) not taking place, the Mob Match continues, albeit virtually. In previous years, the club fielding the greater number of runners has found themselves at an advantage, so the more entries we submit, the better our chance of reclaiming the trophy! All you have to do is to run a 10K distance between now and 9pm on 9th August, over a course of your choice, as fast as you can.

Once you have completed your run, please submit the results and details using this link: – by 9pm on 9th August. Whilst this is event 4 of our VC20 Virtual Championship, you don’t need to have taken part in any other rounds to take part in the Mob Match!

There are a few slight differences (highlighted in Red below) from our normal VC20 rules, so please check the details below:

  • You MUST ensure your safety and that of others at all times. Should an attempt at an event not be feasible, try again at a more suitable time.
  • You must abide by the Government rules on social distancing and England Athletics guidelines which are in operation at the time of your run. This currently means groups of no more than 6 and all physically distanced. (updated 17th July)
  • Your declared time for each event must be the ‘elapsed time’, i.e. the duration between beginning and end the run. Stops and breaks in your run must be included in the time. Please don’t use the ‘Moving time’ option which is now provided by some systems such as Strava.
  • In the interests of fairness, wherever possible please try to run a ‘net flat’ route which ideally begins and ends in the same location. If this is not possible, please ensure that no unfair advantage is gained through elevation.
  • Please do not wear club colours during any Virtual events.
  • Submit your result by 9pm on 9th August. The 2-day window for your submitting your VC20 result will not be available for this event. 
  • You may have multiple attempts during the competition window if you wish. The fastest time submitted by each runner by the deadline will count.

Good Luck, Enjoy and Stay Safe!

p.s. You will also have received an email about an Inter-Club 5K challenge being organised by Ripon Runners, which is separate from our own VC20 and we’d love as many members as possible to take part in that too! So lots to be working towards in the next few weeks!

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