Sunday updates

VC20 Virtual Championship

Today (Sunday) is the final day of Event 2 of our Virtual Championship, a 5k run around the Conyngham Hall ‘summer route’. If you haven’t submitted your result yet, just head over to our VC20 page,by clicking here. You can also find the page on our website under the ‘Events’ heading.

Event 3 begins tomorrow (Monday 13th July) and runs until Sunday 26th July. For event 3 you should run a 7k trail route on any off-road route of your choice. This should be almost entirely off-road, although the occasional stretch of tarmac is acceptable to link up your route.

Emma Virtual Training

A reminder that Emma Kicks will be streaming a training session into our homes this Tuesday (14th July). Watch your inboxes on Monday for details of how to dial in and take part.

Good Luck, Enjoy and Stay Safe!


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