Update regarding Club activities and Covid-19

Update regarding Club activities and Covid-19

Knaresborough Striders

Is Club restarting?

In short, our physical club activities remain suspended at this time. Knaresborough Striders is a member club of England Athletics (EA) and we follow their guidance, which currently determines that groups of only six may be allowed to run together under some strict conditions (see below). There is currently no further provision for larger groups or organised events. As a Committee, we have discussed in detail how this impacts upon club activities and to what degree we could safely resume any club meetings. We have concluded that, at this stage, we still consider it neither feasible nor responsible for our physical club activities to resume. We must first and foremost consider the safety of our members, alongside the potential impact of resuming our activities upon our local community. It is for this reason that we have decided to hold back from resuming club activities at the present time.

What is the background to the decision?

By way of explanation, the EA guidance allows groups of up to 6 to run together as long as: those groups adhere to social distancing; all participants register before attending and do not just turn up; all participants supply information required for the track and trace regulations. The track and trace system determines that should anyone within that group develop Covid symptoms, everyone having taken part in that group would have to isolate for 2 weeks. We would also have to use pre-defined routes which would need to be risk assessed beforehand, led by run leaders who in turn would be responsible for any subsequent track and trace activity with participants. A significant concern is that even with these measures in place, our members remain likely to come into contact with others (i.e. members of the public) which could breach the guidance and/or cause issues which in turn would impact on our club and its members.

When will the situation change?

We continue to be guided by EA however, and as soon as the guidance changes, we will of course review our position and advise you of any resulting changes to our activities. We continue to ready ourselves for a future return and this has included appointing Mark Shelton as our Covid-19 co-ordinator. Thank you to Mark for work already put in on drafting his insightful risk assessments which we will subsequently need in place in order to resume activities.

What is happening now?

In the meantime, we would encourage you all to continue engaging in our Virtual Club Championship (VC20), challenges and remote training sessions. Many of you will, of course, still be heading out for runs on your own or with others. When you do so, please bear in mind the EA guidance of groups of up to 6 with social distancing of 2 metres in place. Thank you also for continuing to refrain from wearing club colours – this is simply to avoid the club receiving any adverse publicity or criticism should there be any issues with potential breaches of the government/EA guidance, or misunderstandings from members of the public.

When will you be asking for subscriptions?

Once we have a clear date for resumptions of physical club activities, we will advise of what our subscriptions will be and will reactivate our online subscription system.

Thank you.


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