VIRTUAL TRAINING Session 2, ENDURANCE at Grimbald Road, Start date 27/7/2020, End date 2/8/2020.
Coach Eric overlooking hill training

Coach Eric overlooking hill training

Basic Guidelines as before:
  • Do adhere to all Government Guidelines, always 2 metres from any other runner or member of the Public.
  • Maximum Six Striders only at any one session.
  • Do wear highly visible clothing, but not Club vest.
  • As always be very traffic-aware.
  • Anyone with with asthmatic or similar consider participation carefully.
  • Please do the session at a quiet time of day.
THE SESSION. ‘Meet’ at Aspin School back Gate on Grimbald Road.
  1. Your own Stretching.
  2. Enhanced Warm Up, On the move, 3 times High knees, 3 times Heel flicks, 2 x Bounding(about 25 metres) and 1 10 second Sprint.
  3. Do it a second time. Mini rests between all elements
Start from Aspin School Layby. Each element Anti clockwise
1. One Full Lap Grimbald Rd, Fairfield Avenue, Grimbald Road.
[2 to 3 Minutes Rest.]
2. Two laps, Grimbald Rd, left onto Grimbald Way, left to Fairfield Ave , left to Grimbald Rd.
[2 to 3 minutes rest.]
3. Three laps, Start Junction Grimbald Rd/Grimbald Way.
So, Grimbald Rd to Fairfield Ave left onto Grimbald Way.
[2 to 3 minutes rest.]
4. As element 1 above.
Well done.
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