Submitting your result for St.Robert’s Rush (VC20 event 9)

We hope that you have enjoyed our latest VC20 event the 1mile ‘blast’ along Abbey Road. Please can we ask everyone to just double-check their submitted times though before we publish the results later this week?

Having looked at your various results on Strava, it seems that the most reliable result is to take your measured mile or first mile split, assuming you started recording at the gate of St.Robert’s Cave. You’ll probably find that the 1-mile mark came up on your watch as you passed the lamppost under the cliff. In these cases just submit your time for the mile or first mile if you carried on.

If you didn’t start or hit ‘new lap’ as you passed the cave, you may need to use a segment. In that case, please use the segment named ‘KS Official – St.Robert’s Rush’ which is the more reliable one and generally gives an acccurate time. Please do not use the other segment ‘St.Robert’s Rush’, which seems to under-record your elapsed time by as much as 30s – we don’t know why and have no control over it!

If you feel you need to submit a corrected time for your run, just go to the  VC20 page, submit again and include a note to explain that it’s a corrected time.

If in any doubt, drop an email into and we’ll be able to work out your time!

Thanks and well done everyone on another great turnout!
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