‘Freedom day’ – Changes to training

Knaresborough Striders

This week sees our first training sessions to take place after the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ – Monday 19th July. From that date onwards we are free to organise our training and events as we so wish, with no firm restrictions in place either from the government or England Athletics.

What is changing at Striders immediately?

  • Structured training session will now accept up to 20 members
  • Some groups may be accepting extra runners ‘on the night’
What will be changing later?
  • At the end of the month the club will review arrangements again and make any further adjustments which are feasible and safe at that time.
Why is the club carrying on with booking-in for now?

The arrangements which were forced to put in place over the past year have been somewhat of a revelation! We have benefitted from an unprecedented number of run leaders and a wider range of groups. Leaders and members have told us that they prefer the slightly smaller groups to the very large groups of the past. There is no doubt that smaller group sizes have encouraged many leaders to step forwards, who have found it easier to organise and manage their groups.

We also acknowledge that our members may have differing confidence around ‘freedom day’ and we want to ensure that we are inclusive as possible.

For those reasons we are hanging on to ‘booking-in’ for now.

What if I can’t be certain that I’ll be attending?

From this week, we have added an ‘extras’ option to some groups. This will allow members who are less certain of their availability to turn-up and join in on the night. We do hope that, wherever possible, members will continue to book-in as this really helps our run leaders.

Will Striders be returning to a 7.30pm start?

Our 7.30pm start time allows us to greet and update our members en masse, and affords a greater amount of socialising between our members. It does involve mass gathering though. We also share the Cricket club facilities with other groups which remains logistically difficult at present. We expect that we will return to 7.30pm starts, but not quite yet.

To view our forthcoming sessions and book-in, head over to our Training Book-in page

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