Food for Mood!

foodmoodOur very own Georgina Townsend will be presenting a talk ‘Food for Mood’ to our members after training on Tuesday 14th September!

Do you experience mood swings, anxiety or low mood? Do you have trouble getting through the day without turning to sugary foods or caffeine for a mood boost? Do you find you are often irritable, tired or have trouble focusing? These are all signs of physical imbalances and do not have to be a normal part of everyday life. During this presentation you will learn how to use nutrition as a tool to help to support your mood and energy levels. Georgina will walk you through her step-by-step approach to balancing blood sugar which is key to stabilising mood. She will introduce the gut-brain connection and explain how feeding your gut can support brain chemistry. She will cover common nutrient deficiencies associated with mood disorders and give suggestions to increase these nutrients in your diet. Throughout this talk Georgina will include plenty of practical suggestions for simple dietary changes you can make to balance your moods, optimise your energy levels and improve your resilience to stress.

There is no charge for members – please let Sarah Gore know if you plan to attend.

Click here for more details.

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