I have no doubt some of you are undertaking Quality sessions singularly at this difficult time and also finding different sessions to do.
I add here 3 more options.

1. Just a run, your own route. 3 mins steady
5 mins hard work
2 mins steady
5 mins hard work
2 mins steady
5 mins hard work
3 mins steady. END.

2.Hillwork, from the Cemetery gates at the point A59 meets Wetherby Rd Junction. Run up on the left hand side path from the Cemetery Gates to the Traffic lights close to King James School Rd turn.

1.Alternate 20 secs fast, 20 secs steady to the top. Jog down
2.Alternate 15 secs fat, 15 secs steady to the top. Jog down
3. AS No 1.

3. Off Road, Jacob Smith Park or suitable Venue near you.

1.Repetitions 4 x 1 min with 30secs between each effort jogging
2. Repetitions 3 x 2 mins with 45secs between each effort jogging.
3. Repetitions 2 x 3 mins with 1 min rest between the 2 efforts.

Between Reps 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 2 mins.


INFORMATION re Peco Cross Country 9/2/2020

Hello Striders,
Mark Hetherington Peco XC Co-ordinator has asked this information be shared.

Basically bad weather is due on Sunday morning, rain and strong winds. The event is NOT cancelled. However if the weather detioriates further it will be . If it is cancelled I will put a post on The Knaresborough Striders Forum.

Mark also states that it probably advisable not to set up Gazebos, tents and flags. However if a Club does set up any of the aforementioned then any damage or injuries caused by tents/gazebos/flags uprooted will be the responsibility of that Club.

Clearly Mark states the Peco organisation will not be responsible for any damages or injuries incurred. Eric