The Club is now Affiliated to the above Organisation. There is a mixed terrain race on the above date at Middleton Park which any Strider may participate in but you MUST be thirty three years or older to Enter.
To view the Race details go to   http://www.yvaa.org   click on Grand Prix and Scroll down to “Middleton Park”

To Enter the race do the same as above but scroll down to “GRAND PRIX 2019 ONE OFF REGISTRATION” where you will find a simplistic Entry form.
The Race starts at 11.00 and will cost £5. There is a drink and snack after the event. The race distance is not shown in Details but they are all mostly around  5 miles.  Need more info you can phone me on 01423 866983. Noteworthy, you may not enter the race within 12 hours of the Start time.

Thanks Eric


Hello All Striders,
I am informed by the Organiser that ticket Sales for this event are poor(only 30 thus far), 100 attendees are needed or it will be cancelled. The Presentations will take place at the Wardrobe pub in Leeds and for £5 you will get a buffet and dancing and a good night out. Striders will have 3 presentations Issy, Sue and the Ladies team for coming 2nd in Div 2. To Pay go to www.racebest.com
then go to March 29th on Calendar. Its that easy.

Still needed any Striders for 31/3/19 for the Relay teams, You do not need to have run in Peco events to run in this event . Distance is only 3 miles per runner. Do have a word tomorrow night if you would like a run Cheers Eric