Quality Session 29/1/2019

Hello Striders,
This week’s Quality session (Tuesday evening) will be Endurance on grass.
Venue is Knaresborough Cricket Club, on the playing field. Trail shoe recommended.
Cheers Eric

PECO RELAYS 31/3/2019

20180426_001704After Peco Race 5 only 1 event remains, The Peco Relays on 31/3/2019. Do add this date into your Diary and we can turn out teams of all standards. NOTE the Venue is not set yet, as soon as I am informed of this and all other information will be published

You do not need to have participated in ANY OF THE PECO CROSS COUNTRY EVENTS to run in this event and it may not be across country event.

Thanks Eric

PECO CROSS COUNTRY Information and Race No 4 ,Crimple Valley.

Hello Striders,
In Division 2 our Senior Mens team are 3rd of 11
In Division 2 our Senior Ladies team are 3rd of 10
In Division 1 our Male Veterans team are 7th of 13
In the Premier Division our Lady Veterans team are 8th of 11.

If anyone else wants to Register for Race No 4 go to the Events Calendar on our website which directs you to the PECO website which has a link to Racebest for entry, closing date is 18/1/19 at 12.00 noon. If you have done ” single entry” for previous races in the Series already you need to go to Registration with £4.
There will be car sharing for this event for those who need a lift and for those who can give a lift.
Arrive at Cricket Club by 09.20 to leave by 09.30.



Still seeking more Strider entries for both of these events. To Register for Peco Race 3 on January 6th 2019 at West Park go to www.pecoxc.co.uk and follow the link(Adult entry) to Racebest website. The closing date is 4/1/19 at 12 noon.

For the National Cross country to be held at Harewood House 23/2/19 please contact me as soon as possible, I only need from you Date of Birth, England Athletics Registration number and £8.I am at Club on Tuesday8/1/19.
For those persons recently requesting to run the National– your entries are confirmed.

For those already going to Peco Cross Country we will be Car sharing from the Cricket Club,
Arrive by 09.10 to leave at 09.20 for West Park Leeds.

Happy New Year, Eric

PECO CROSS COUNTRY No 2. Temple Newsam

If any Striders have entered Peco Race No 2 since the first event I will pick up your Race number and take it to our Gazebo at Temple Newsam. We could still do with more Ladies and Men taking part to bolster our positions in the League. To enter, go to www.pecoxc.co.uk and follow the link from there to the Racebest website for online entry. Its a great day out at Temple Newsam with food after. CLOSING DATE for entry is Friday December 14th at 12.noon.

Thanks Eric

Temple Newsam, Peco cross Country 16/12, Car Sharing

Hello Cross Country Striders,
There will be Car Sharing to this event, for those who need a lift and for those who can give a lift please add your name to the Notice on the Board in the changing room entrance area. Meet at Knaresborough Cricket Club 09.10 to leave at 09.20. Thanks Eric



Firstly , the Venue for Peco Cross country race No 4 is Harrogate, Crimple Valley, from the Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre.

RACE 2 Online entry is now Open. You can still do a late ” Series entry” or do a Single entry. Closing date for either entry is 12.noon on Friday 14th December 2018.
To Enter go to www.pecoxc.co.uk and follow the link to the Racebest website. Eric


This new Event will take place at the University of York on SUNDAY MARCH 24th 2019

It is open to AFFILIATED and UNAFFILIATED runners.

ADULT runners(over 17) can participate in a Short course Race or Long Course Race. Short 6.5 kls Long 10.8 kls.

11.50 SENIOR LADIES short course 6.5 kls

12.35 SENIOR MEN short course 6.5 kls.

13.15 SENIOR LADIES long course 10.8 kls

14.25 SENIOR MEN long course 10.8 kls


FURTHER INFORMATION, Find out more — evensplits.events/open xc
Enter now ——racebest.com/races/open xc

Any Queries about this Event, Peco XC, Yorkshire or National XC I will be at Club Tuesday night.



With the Venue so local for this Classic event I am hoping we can actually get full teams, For the Senior Mens event we need 6 men to score as a team, Senior Ladies we just need 4 to to score.
Please give me your entry details and and £8 entry fee by January 4th 2019.

SENIOR LADIES Start time 1.35.PM Distance 8klm.

SENIOR MEN Start time 3.00 PM Distance 12klm.
Runners must be over 20 years of age. Must be 1st Claim Knaresborough Striders and Club Colours to be worn.

Enquiries– Eric on Tuesday nights

Thanks Eric