HDRSL – Details and Travel

With the start of the 2018 HSDRL only days away,  please can all participants to check their details are correct on the HSDRL website. PLEASE CHECK YOUR DETAILS HERE:  Entry list at 2 June 2018 and email  contact@harrogate-league.org.uk if anything is incorrect. Please check that you are in the correct age category and names are spelt correctly.

*A59 Closure*

You will doubtless be aware that the A59 remains closed at Kex Gill and is expected to remain so in the days to come. This is likely to impact significantly on your travel to Round 1 at Skipton this Tuesday as the diversion is through Otley and Ilkley. Do please allow more time to travel to the race. At the moment, (Sunday) the race goes ahead as planned, but watch out for any news should this change. For the latest information, check the HSDRL Facebook group: HSDRL Facebook.

Monthly parkrun visits

Knaresborough Striders will be getting together to visit a selected parkrun once each month!parkrun

On the first Saturday of each month there will be an opportunity to join fellow joggers and runners at a different parkrun with the opportunity to car share, taking in a coffee afterwards.

The next event will be this Saturday (2nd June) at PONTEFRACT. The parkrun is based at Pontefract racecourse, the longest flat racing circuit in Europe! The course is in Pontefract Racecourse on a mixture of tracks, tarmac paths and grass with some gentle gradient. Starting and finishing lakeside, the course includes a full lap of the racecourse.

Those wishing to car share should meet at the Cricket Club at 7.50am.

More details of Pontefract parkrun: Pontefract parkrun.

Dates of future parkrun visits are listed in the Events calendar.


St.Robert’s Rush – 1mile TT Report

The mile. The classic running challenge: human vs the clock… Bannister…  The Oslo Golden Miles… Coe, Ovett, Cram…  A fascination for so many over the years, yet a challenge never taken up by Knaresborough Striders – until now! Whilst mutters of ‘per mile’ can oft be heard throughout our training runs and races, very few of our members had ever actually challenged themselves over a single mile.

Inspired by some of our runners’ personal exploits, our inaugural ‘St. Robert’s Rush’ took over 50 of our members along the beautiful and tranquil Abbey Road, beginning above our famous saint’s cave, following the River Nidd upstream and finished beneath the crag a few hundred metres short of the Half Moon. Setting off in three waves (roughly aligned with our normal groups) along the winding and undulating route, this time-trial produced some scintillating performances, very close battles and an electric atmosphere as the runners charged towards those already gathered at the finish line.

In our first wave of runners, erstwhile jog group leader and Z2H mentor Mark Shelton was first across the line in a fleet 7mins 31seconds, chased in by June Graham (breaking 8 minutes) in a tremendous 7:57 and Fiona Sleight in 8:09. With several new members and recent Z2H graduates in this wave, an average time of just 9:18 showed the incredible progress being made.

All registered and ready to go!

All registered and ready to go!

Mark well in the lead of Wave 1

Mark well in the lead of Wave 1












Our second wave of competitors was formed mostly of our intermediate runners and proved highly competitive! Jez Wilkinson showed that a lack of recent time-trial experience was no problem, as he raced home in 6:26, just ahead of an equally racy Guy Marshall in 6:33, whilst Emma Hepworth and Kathryn Pickles battled it out for 3rd in 6:39 and 6:40 respectively. Our Striders were clearly pushing on now, with a wave average time of just 7:23.

Wave 2 head off, Guy off to a flyer...

Wave 2 head off, Guy off to a flyer…

Jez leading the way now...

Jez leading the way now…

Some close battles!

Some close battles!

Kez enjoying the challenge

Kez enjoying the challenge

















Finally, with increasing numbers of runners gathering at the finish, breathlessly recalling their exploits, our third wave headed away from the start line. For many, this flew past a lot sooner than they had expected! Tom Calvert was first back – and fastest of the night – in a mind-blowing 5 minutes 4 seconds, whilst James Warburton kept him firmly in sight throughout, breaking the tape in just 5:10. There followed a mighty battle for third, with a pack of 5 coming into sight of the finishing funnel. Places changing right to the end, James Ireland took a very well-earned third in 5:21, just holding off the efforts of Martin Brock (also 5:21) and Steve Morland (5:22). With the entire third wave covered by a mere 2 minutes, their efforts resulted in an incredible average time of 6 minutes exactly!

Fastest on the night - Tom

Fastest on the night – Tom

Smiles, grimaces and day-glo.

Smiles, grimaces and day-glo.

More battles...

More battles…

Gemma and Dan - just two of our incredible volunteers for this one.

Gemma and Dan – just two of our incredible volunteers for this one.


















With all the times in the bag (or rather stuck on the board) many of the runners decamped to the nearby Mother Shipton Inn to swap tales of their battles, ponder where those vital seconds were lost and gained, and consider whose elbows were the sharpest. New targets have been set and it will be interesting to see how performances compare the next time around.

The full results are detailed below, but not before giving MASSIVE THANKS to our marshals, volunteers and organisers, without whom the evening would never have happened.

A fantastic range of photographs from the night were taken by our member Emma Greveson and can be viewed via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/egrevesonphotography/posts/599316163775529 or on Emma’s fab site at https://www.flickr.com/photos/greveson/

Very well done to all involved!

St Robert’s Rush – 1 mile Time Trial – Inaugural Event, 22nd May 2018

Overall Position Runner Time Wave Wave Position
1 Tom Calvert 05:04 3 1
2 James Warburton 05:10 3 2
3 James Ireland 05:21 3 3
4 Martin Brock 05:21 3 4
5 Steve Morland 05:22 3 5
6 James Wright 05:27 3 6
7 Ted Welton 05:29 3 7
8 Sean Brennan 05:52 3 8
9 Ste Core 05:52 3 9
10 Gareth Conkleton 06:08 3 10
11 Derek Dobinson 06:09 3 11
12 Ian Mitchell 06:14 3 12
13 Niamh Falconer 06:22 3 13
14 Jez Wilkinson 06:26 2 1
15 Sima Lowery 06:29 3 14
16 Guy Marshall 06:33 2 2
17 Emma Hepworth 06:39 2 3
18 Kathryn Pickles 06:40 2 4
19 Stewart Hymas 06:43 3 15
20 Dave Rogers 06:50 2 5
21 Derek Calvert 06:54 3 16
22 Andy Tibbals 06:57 2 6
23 Julian Carr 07:03 3 17
24 Murray Scott 07:04 2 7
25 Baz Rodger 07:05 3 18
26 Vanessa  El-Etriby 07:11 2 8
27 Jess Dobson 07:12 2 9
28 Dave Moore 07:18 2 10
29 Debbie Herridge 07:25 2 11
30 Mark Shelton 07:31 1 1
31 Natalie Hale 07:35 2 12
32 June Graham 07:57 1 2
33 Tony Everitt 07:59 2 13
34 Fiona Sleight 08:09 1 3
35 Kez Welsby 08:11 2 14
36 Alison Manning 08:14 1 4
37 Tracy Allison 08:21 2 15
38 Robbie Whellans 08:24 2 16
39 Charlotte Hutchinson 08:29 1 5
40 Jane Johnson 08:35 1 6
41 Sally Taylor 08:40 2 17
42 Fyn Lees 08:47 1 7
43 Katie Byrne 08:55 1 8
44 Dawn Richardson 09:00 1 9
45 Lucy Shore 09:29 1 10
46 Gaynor Downs 09:40 1 11
47 Emma Hall 09:57 1 12
48 Bill Kirkpatrick 10:14 1 13
49 Lauren Downs 10:39 1 14
50 Ruth Mann 11:22 1 15
51 Rachel Boyd 11:44 1 16

Reminder: Coaching Session with Emma Kicks – Thursday 24th May

A reminder that Thursday 25th May sees the first session of the year with our excellent visiting coach, Emma Kicks from Ridgeway Fitness & Health.

Emma is a qualified and experienced coach with UK Athletics well-known around the local area. Her training sessions are suited to runners of all abilities and aimed at improving running style and increasing fitness to enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.

We strongly recommend that our members – regardless of ability, experience or speed – give her 2018 sessions a try!

Meet at the Clubhouse as normal.


Calling Strava Athletes!

The most recent clubl activities now available via our own website!

The most recent club activities now available via our own website!

Many of our members now use Strava to track their training and progress.

The weekly summary now available on our own website!

The weekly summary now available on our own website!

Whilst it’s only one of several similar apps, it is now the most commonly used. Record an activity and it goes to your Strava feed, where your friends and followers can share their own races and workouts, give kudos to great performances and leave comments on each other’s activities.

One of it’s features is to allow you to join one of more ‘Clubs’ and of course Knaresborough Striders is on there! All you need to do is login and select ‘Knaresborough Striders’ from the ‘Clubs’ option. Depending on your app, this might need to be done on a PC.

Once done, you can see how your weekly progress compares to others in the club, along with keeping tabs on what our members are doing – really good for getting ideas for new routes, runs, or even just conversation starters for those social runs!

Detailed breakdown of our club activities on Strava.

Detailed breakdown of our club activities on Strava.


Results Round-up – April 2nd Half

April 2nd half: 14th to 30th April 2018

5ks to Marathons, Mud to blistering heat, Collieries, airfields and lost shoes… they’re all in the final instalment of April’s results.


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

A busy start to April continued into the second half of the month. With the emergence of sunshine (albeit too much for some at times) and the drying-out of some of our favourite routes (for a while at least) the second half of April saw our members continue to represent the club in a range of events around the region and beyond.

Saturday 14th April
Another plethora of Parkrun visits saw Striders spread across six different locations – so in alphabetical order, here we go:

First up, Nicola Carter visited Darlington South Park parkrun and come in as first lady in 21:09. Fountains Abbey parkrun found itself with over 500 runners, our own Tom Calvert finishing first in a great 17:34. Completing our quartet at the scenic venue were Steve Morland (19:47), Derek Calvert (24:23) and Samantha Curnow (24:43). Harrogate parkrun continues to dry out after a soggy few months – Sean Brennan’s experience of the course bringing home around in a great 21:39. A strong Striders showing saw Ian Mitchell next up in 22:58, followed by David Halladay (23:27), Luke Ratcliffe (27:15), Tracy Allison (29:27), Louise Buck (44:38) and Ruth Mann (44:38). The new Heslington parkrun saw James Wright enjoying the flat fast course in an excellent 18:38, followed in by Gary Wilkinson (21:57), Mark Shelton (25:24), Strider of the Year Edna Wood (28:18) and Jo Gray (34:21). Down in Pontefract, our pair of Ralph Weldon and Annika McDonald clocked 26:53 and 30:09 respectively. Last but not least, Jason Green headed to Skipton parkrun, recording a creditable 24:36.

Away from parkruns, Simon Rider tackled the Old colliery canter 10K at Rabbit Ings – a country park located on the former colliery yard and spoil heap of the Monkton Colliery and then the Royston Drift Mine, which closed in 1989. The 64-hectare site, situated near Royston in South Yorkshire, is home to an array of wildlife – including newts, snakes and herons. No doubt inspired by the fantastic surroundings, Simon clocked a solid 01:06:52

Sunday 15th April

The Vale of York 10 is the newer little brother to the Vale of York Half heading out of the York Gliding Centre in Rufforth. A trio of Striders found their way around this delightful ten-miler: Ian Waller in a swift 1:08:41, followed with competitive showings from Laura Wilmshurst (1:40:16) and Emma Greveson (2:15:26).

Same day, but in very different conditions, the Hawkshead Trail challenge saw Janet and Steve Morris complete the picturesque but hugely demanding 17k in 2:28:58 and 2:45:39 respectively.

Saturday 21st April

The improving weather saw parkrun attendances on the rise as welcome sunshine began to produce some faster and less messy conditions underfoot! Harrogate parkrun saw 12 Striders in attendance, led home by Steve Morland just outside the top 10 in a season’s best of 19:25, chased in by Ian Mitchell (21:39), Robert Earl (22:03) and Nicola Carter, hotfooting it from the cancelled Wetherby event in 22:04. David Halladay (23:11), Nick Wallen (24:09), Jo Gray (35:12), Emma Hall (36:50), Lauren Downs (37:39), Mark Taylor (37:49), Ruth Mann (43:25) and Louise Buck (45:05) completed a strong showing for Striders old and new. The Riverside parkrun at Chester le Street was the venue chosen by Paul Heywood (22:59) and Strider of the Year Edna Wood (28:20). A second consecutive visit to Pontefract saw Ralph Weldon (25:17) Annika McDonald (28:50) both finding big improvements in their form. Stalwart of Fountains Abbey parkrun, Derek Calvert clocked a great 23:39, and ‘fastest Calvert’ this week at least! On his never-ending quest for collecting parkruns, James Wright visited Horton Park parkrun (Bradford) coming in 2nd overall in a swift 18:49. Heading west, Claire Killingworth conquered Lancaster parkrun in 26:34.

Sunday 22nd April

The big event this weekend was, of course, the London Marathon. Once again, our Striders found themselves out in blistering conditions. Tom Calvert was flying until some cramp began to appear – nonetheless he completed in a very creditable 3hrs 38min. Sima Lowery sailed around in 3hrs 48mins, with some impressive metronomic splits throughout! Finally, Ste Core dipped under the 4:30 barrier in 4hrs 29mins. Well done all!

Ste (not in kit) collecting his cherished race number

Ste (not in kit) collecting his cherished race number

Tom all set and ready

Tom all set and ready

Sima at the start

Sima at the start

Who's that on the telly?(the clue's on his back!)

Who’s that on the telly?(the clue’s on his back!)











A little closer to home, Paul Heywood and Strider of the Year Edna Wood visited the Washington Trail 10k, which
winds its way around the wonderful James Steel Park and picks its way around some beautiful woodland trails along the banks of the River Wear. Both recorded excellent performances: Paul in 55:49 and Edna in 1:07:05

Wednesday 25th April

Midweek events began to re-emerge this month, with James Wright tackling the third round of the Leeds 5K series at the Brownlee Centre Cycle Circuit in Leeds and recording a Brownlee-standard 18:09.

Thursday 26th April

The following evening saw James Warburton tackle the intriguing Dick Hudson’s fell race, the aim of which to run from Ilkley, over the moor, touch the gate by Dick Hudsons Pub on the opposite side of the Moor and then return! James completed the route in 49:54, in a fantastic 5th place!

Saturday 28th April

The final weekend saw the usual range of parkrun performances, this time across four of our closer-to-home sites. At Catterick parkrun, Michael Dobson and Paul Heywood were virtually inseparable in times of 26:37 and 26:38 respectively. Another healthy turnout at the Harrogate parkrun was led by Robert Earl in 21:40, followed by Sean Brennan (22:03), Ian Mitchell (22:34), Nick Wallen (23:44), David Halladay (24:21), Mark Shelton (26:28) and Z2H graduate Joanne Sharratt (35:50). At Skipton parkrun, Jason Green clocked a creditable 24:29, whilst up at Fountains Abbey parkrun, Stalwart Derek Calvert (23:31) led home a trio of Striders, completed by Samantha Curnow (24:30) and Fiona Slight (28:51).


Sunday 29th April

Fountains 10K is one of the area’s most popular events and indeed sold out once again – but not before seventeen Striders had signed up! A mixed terrain run in Nidderdale, it is run along quiet country roads, off-road trails and scenic moorland starting from the village of Grantley, near Ripon. The organisers had warned that the recent return to poor weather may have left part of the course may be waterlogged, and so it proved to be, with some tough conditions and the detached running shoes courtesy of the mud! In spite of this (and having temporarily been one-shoed) James Wright led the sizable Striders contingent home in an excellent time (bearing in mind the conditions) of 40:21. Nicola Carter was third lady home in 44:38, followed by Kathryn Pickles (48:10), David Halladay (48:51), Craig Mitchell (49:11), Paul Heywood (51:09), Hazel Rodger (51:21), Claire Killingworth (52:41,) Lisa Harrison (55:30), Mark Shelton (58:53), Vicki Gibson (59:15), Kez Welsby (1:00:09), Strider of the Year Edna Wood (1:01:08), Caroline Garcia (1:05:42), Dawn Richardson (1:07:08), Jo Gray (1:16:44), Clare Steele (1:21:19) and Emma Hall (1:25:54).


Some of our many runners at Fountains 10k - with Mascot!

Some of our many runners at Fountains 10k – with Mascot!





















There are many more pictures of the race on our facebook page: Fountains 10K Gallery


And with that, April was complete. Whilst the mud returned with a vengeance in the final weekend, we concluded the month of many showers with the promise of sunnier skies, longer days and an even wider range of runs to tackle in May. Well done all!

2018 Membership – we’re nearly there!

We’re very excited by our 2018 membership list, particularly all the new members – Welcome!
New members are always welcome throughout the year, so if you haven’t signed up yet, come down and give it a try…
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