Training bookings for 22nd September now open

After another successful Tuesday training session, bookings are now open for Tuesday 22nd September via our Book-in page.

Before you click through and book, please digest the following words of wisdom from our training officer, Dave. He speaketh much sense!

With the imminent posting of next weeks booking form could we ask a favour?
Due to the popularity of Eric’s sessions the positions are filling up quickly. This obviously is fantastic, but the club doesn’t have enough Eric to go round! Could you please consider your fellow Striders when booking in and have a think about how many of these session you have attended. This would maybe allow other members who have expressed interest to have a go. As the week goes on if there are free spaces feel free to fill them up.
Additionally, you may have noticed most of our sessions are now run in darkness so please remember your Hi/vis and Head/body torches; we want you all to stay safe.
Many thanks.
There you go! All common sense and we look forward to seeing you all again next week!
Enjoy your striding and stay safe!


Training continues this Tuesday

Our return to training continues this week (Tuesday 15th September) with structured sessions and groups available via the book-in page on our website.

You will doubtless have seen news of new changes to social gathering effective from Monday, however England Athletics have confirmed that training sessions such as ours – already applying the ‘Rule of Six’ may continue:

England Athletics is pleased that club and group activity as well as competitions for athletics and running will not be affected by the new restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet up. 

England Athletics, 10th September 2020

To read more click here:

If you have booked-in, please check the start-time of your group carefully, remembering to wear hi-vis and bring lighting.

We return to our normal location of Knaresborough Cricket Club where our groups will be gathering at different points around the site.

Stay Safe and Enjoy!

VC20 – Age-graded results now available!

How did you do?

The age-graded results for the first 5 rounds of the VC20 are now available on our VC20 page. They make really interesting reading, not least because for the first time we have an ‘all in’ Overall Category! We are also taking this opportunity to try out 5-year age bandings so as you’ll see we have lots of ‘1sts’ at every event.
We’ve had around 40 entries for each round so far and there are still 7 rounds for you to have a go at – you only need 6 results to qualify! Our sixth event – the half-marathon – is well underway and you have until Sunday 20th September to complete your effort.
If you spot anything odd in your results just let us know.

Inter-Club Challenge – 24 hours remain!

Inter-club 5K

Just 24 hours are left in the inter-club ’30 minute’ challenge and it’s been great to see loads more Strider entries being posted over the past couple of days!
Don’t forget that you must have submitted your result via the facebook group by 6pm on Sunday!
If you don’t use facebook, please email your name, age and distance to before 5.30pm.
Good luck and Stay Safe!

Back to training – THANK YOU!

Success with Socially-distanced Striding!

Tuesday training resumed this week, proving highly popular and successful – even if it was quite different due to the current conditions! We wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ – not only for your enthusiasm but also the considered, patient and sensible way in which everyone conducted themselves. There are a few minor points to feed back below, but on the whole we were very pleased with how things went.

Socially distanced striding!

Socially distanced striding!

Eric conducted two popular structured sessions with small groups and a further nine small groups, after meeting-up at points around the cricket pitch, headed out on various routes around the area, enjoying the late-summer sunset before clicking on their headtorches as they headed back! Booking is already open for next week, when the start point for most groups will be the extensive Conyngham Hall Car Park – as the Cricket Club is in use next week. As the Structured sessions are proving popular, James Wright has kindly offered to run two further sessions, in addition to Eric’s. Check the booking sheet for locations of those.

To book-in, visit our book-in page and select ‘Tuesday 8th September’.

Pointers for future sessions:

Start times – The booking system allows leaders to adjust their group’s start-times (as some of you did) which helps to spread the numbers further, discourage mingling and reduce our impact on the routes in and out of the site. We are encouraging more group leaders to adjust their start times away from our standard 7.30pm please – by just a few minutes – in future weeks.

Arrival time – perhaps everyone was very excited but we had enthusiastic members hanging around longer than we ought to at KCC so please try to arrive as close to your arrival time as possible. Please understand that group leaders will not be able to hang around very long for latecomers.

Clothing – please remember (most of you did) that we will lose the light towards the end of our sessions, so please wear bright colours, adding hi-vis and torches for extra visibility

Travelling to/from club – we must remind you that official advice is not to travel with members from other households.

We look forward to another really successful session next Tuesday. In the meantime don’t forget that we have two virtual challenges on the go – VC20 Event 6 and the latest Inter-club ’30min’ challenge.

Take care, stay safe and keep striding!


Training returns tonight! (1st September)

We’re so excited to be returning to training tonight! Whilst our groups will not look quite the same as they did prior to lock-down, the key advantages of company, motivation, support and camaraderie will remain. You will of course need to have booked-in using our book-in page in advance, as many of you already have!

If you missed them, here are the two important posts about our return to training (click to view)

Final instructions for our return to training

Q&A about resumption of training sessions

If you couldn’t make it this week, bookings are already open for next week’s session (8th September) – please note that running groups will meet at Conyngham Hall car park on that occasion as the Cricket Club has a match running.  See our book-in page for more details:

In the meantime, our other activities continue as they have now for several months, namely ‘virtually’!

Event 6 of our VC20 (Virtual Championship 2020) is just underway – see our VC20 page for more details.

We are also taking part in another inter-club championship between ourselves, Nidd Valley and Ripon Runners – click New inter-club virtual challenge for more details.

Returning to training – final instructions

Welcome back to training with Knaresborough Striders!

Before you come back to your first session with us, please carefully note the following:

Groups and attendance

  • PLEASE only attend if you have already booked into one of the groups or sessions online.
  • Groups remain strictly limited to 6 members.
  • Please ensure that you have reviewed our Covid-19 risk assessment (KS Risk Assessment – Aug 2020)


  • Limit your time at the meeting point and try walk, run and cycle there if possible. On 1st September our meet point is Knaresborough Cricket Club Car Park for groups or bottom of Aspin Park Drive for Structure Sessions with Eric.
  • Start time is 7.30pm unless indicated otherwise (in red) on the schedule.
  • Find your group and head off quickly as soon as all members have arrived
  • There will be no announcements


  • Bright clothing – ideally Hi-vis – as we will nearing dark by the end of the hour.
  • Head Torch (see above)
  • Buff or face covering (only to be used in case of emergency or injury)
  • Personal hand gel to be carried
  • Now that we are officially running together again feel free to positively promote our club by wearing your club colours

On the Run

  • Maintain spacing of 2m between runners and members of the public (minimum of 1m when more not possible)
  • Please move aside or give way when passing members of the public
  • Take care with touch-points such as gates and styles
  • It would be great if one member of the group can take a socially-distanced-selfie out on the run!
  • Please disperse quickly afterwards


  • KCC toilets are available in case of emergency but we are hoping not to use them as this has cleaning implications.
  • The KCC bar is in the final stage of renovations and is expected to reopen for use by our members in a few weeks.
  • Please do not enter the Cricket Club to fill water bottles – a tap is available at the end of the building.


  • Please consider and plan your route in advance bearing in mind the expected pace and members.
  • Avoid routes which are narrow or busy
  • Kit bags will be laid-out in the car park for you to collect and take out on the run (first-aid, contact details, etc.)



Sunday evening update…

Training resumes on Tuesday!

Our first post-lockdown training groups take place on Tuesday. We have two fully-booked structured sessions and several other groups of different types heading out. Watch-out tomorrow (Monday) in your emails or on our facebook members forum ( for final details of how the sessions will take place on the night. Our previous Q&A about returning to training can be found by clicking these blue words.
It’s not too late to book-in using our book-in page here:
Bookings for the next session (Tuesday 8th September) will open up on Monday 31st August.

Membership applications still open!

We’ve had a fantastic response to our membership re-opening for 2020/21, including several new Striders – WELCOME! If you haven’t signed-up yet, it’s not too late and you will need to do so in order to return to our training sessions. Visit our membership page here:  Existing members have until the end of September to renew their membership.

VC20 Event 6 Starts Monday!

We’ve had another great response to our latest VC20 event, which concludes today (30th August). Please head on over to our VC20 page and submit your results asap please, as our tame statistician will be generating the first results round-up on Bank Holiday Monday!
The next round is a longer one, as Event 6 is our ‘Half-marathon’ round – 13.1miles around any route. If it’s not your kind of distance, worry not as your final championship will be based on your 6 best scores across the 12 rounds. Rounds coming up soon include a couple of 5Ks, a 1-mile rush and a 6k night run!
For all the latest and to submit your score visit our virtual championship page at:

New inter-club virtual challenge!

Last month we took part in an inter-club virtual 5k challenge between Ripon Runners, Nidd Valley and ourselves. After the success of that event, our friends at Ripon have organised a follow-up event, details of which are being revealed today!

This time around it’s 30-minute run of your choosing and the rules have been adjusted to negate any advantage for the clubs with more members. Here are all the details we have been provided with:

After the success of the Inter Club virtual 5k challenge, in which more than 200 members took part, we can now reveal the details for the second one:-

 •         30 minutes to run as far as you can, a club distance challenge!

 •         Starts 9am Tuesday 1 September and ends 6pm on Sunday 13 September
 (Please note there will be a STRICT cut off at this  point, no results posted on Facebook or received by email, after this time will be accepted)

 •         Every member runs for 30 mins and records their distance in KM. The winning Club will be the one with the best average distance per runner (provided at least 50 club members take part).

  •         You can only post one run, in the event you post more than one, we will accept your first entry only.  This will ensure it’s not a “numbers” game and all clubs have a fair chance of winning. We have agreed a minimum of 50 competitors from each club to ensure that runners of all paces feel their contribution matters and prohibiting the club from just fielding its 10 fastest runners.
  •         There will also be separate categories for total distance run per Club (men’s and ladies combined ) and in each age group.
  •         As previously, please record your distance (In KM please), your club, your age and a selfie of your run on the inter club facebook page.
  •         For those not on facebook, please ensure you pass your run details to your club reps for inclusion on facebook/email before the deadline.
  Looking forward to seeing your results and cheery selfies

If you took part in the previous inter-club event, the same facebook group (‘Running Club Virtual Challenge’) is being used as before. If you aren’t in the group yet, visit, ask to join and Edna will let you in.

So there you go – an extra challenge for you alongside our own VC20 Event 6 which begins one day earlier on 31st August.

Good luck, stay safe and enjoy!

Training – update and risk assessment

It’s great to see our first set of training groups expanding rapidly! We already have filled both of Eric’s sessions and look to have at least 8 other small groups heading out. If you haven’t signed-up yet, it’s not too late. Our Book-in page can be reached by clicking here: Training Book-in

Risk Assessment

We have added our Covid-19 return-to-training Risk Assessment to our health and safety page. Thanks to Mark S (who is our appointed Covid-19 officer) who has compiled and updated this in line with English Athletics recommendations.

Click here to visit our health and safety page: Health & Safety