This Thursday’s club ‘elastic’ run

This Thursday (19th Sept) we are continuing to try out the idea of a single ‘elastic’ course, stretching to suit everyone. We’re continuing to tinker with the most appropriate distances for each of our usual groups, so thanks for your patience and feedback so far!

knaresborough street-lit clockwiseThis week’s course is a familiar clockwise run around the street-lit edges of Knaresborough which sees everyone sharing the same beginning and ending section, with a few variations mid-run. We *might* even all end up running-in together through the Aspin estate! All of the route is tried-and-tested winter territory so will be familiar to most.

To start with, everyone will head left from from the club, up into Knaresborough, down Castle Ings, and along Waterside to the World’s End pub.

At this point the Run Group will make a foray into Conyngham Hall whilst all other groups head up to Bond End and across the new roundabouts onto Borobridge Road.

At the garage and parade of shops, the routes split:

Jog 2 take Stockwell Road and Lane to Chain Lane
Jog 1 take Borobridge Road and Halfpenny Lane
Inters/Run Take Tentergate, Scriven Road, Greengates and Half-penny.

All routes join up at the Chain Lane Fish Shop junction.

To finish, everyone will head along Chain Lane, heading up the Spinney and through the snicket, following a common route through the Eastfields area: Malham Way, Farndale, Eastfield and Nidderdale. A run along Manse Lane and Wetherby Road brings everyone back into the Aspin Estate where we will all make the final climb up Rievaulx Avenue and Aspin Lane to the club.

As previously, if pace or circumstance necessitate it, your run leader might vary the route a little to suit!

Enjoy your runs and do keep the feedback coming on this new initiative!

Quality Session Tues 17-09-2019

Tonights session (17th Sept) will be Endurance/Speed on grass. Venue, Playing field, Knaresborough Cricket Club . Eric

Note: we will aim to finish by around 8.20pm in time for the stretch/pilates session wiyh our visiting physio, Claire.

Crag Rat Reminder time…

One week until the Crag Rat! Your help is needed…

Crag Rat Run with sponsors 2019With just over one week to go until our Knaresborough Crag Rat Run, we’re looking to finalise our squad of volunteers and ensure that we have everything in place, including the all-important array of cakes! So here are your ‘rat reminders’:

If you haven’t volunteered yet, but would like to, then please sign-up on our Marshalling and Volunteering list by clicking here: Volunteer sign-up – We do still need more help so we’d be most grateful.

If you, your friends or family wish to enter you should move fast as there are not many places remaing! Entry is an incredible £8/£10. Our event page can be reached here and entries via Racebest are here.

We’d love it if you were able to provide something for our famous cake stall on the day. Cakes, buns, muffins, flapjacks, vegan and gluten-free creations will be gratefully received. They can be brought along on race day.

Thank you!

Club Quiz Night!

Date for your diaries!

On 30 November 2019 at 7.30pm we’ll be holding a quiz night with pie and peas at the cricket club. Tickets are £5 each. Please let Sarah Gore know if you’d like some tickets and please pay using this PayPal pool link. We need at least 30 attendees to make this viable so please let’s do this!

Routes for Thursday’s ‘elastic’ run

This Thursday evening (12th Sept) we will be heading out for another Club ‘elastic’ run – this time heading to Goldsborough (whilst there is still daylight) and then heading back onto the well-lit streets of Knaresborough. As with last week we have planned cuts and extensions to suit the different groups, once we have all visited Goldsborough. These are shown on the attached map. 
Goldsborough and Knaresborough
IMPORTANT – as the evening light fades, do please remember to wear bright or fluorescent clothing. It’s not to early to bring reflective gear or lights!
We’ll see you at KCC, heading out at 7.30pm 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️😃

PECO XC dates released for 2019-20

The fabulous PECO XC league have released their event dates for the forthcoming winter season. We had more Striders than even taking part in this 5-race series last winter and hopefully we can surpass that again this year.

PECOXCLogoThe events are great fun, well-organised and sociable, each around 4.5 to 5 miles in distance. The conditions are varied (it is cross-country after all) but the weather also can have a marked effect! We expect that there will be a single entry to the whole series again via racebest, but watch this space for news once that goes live. In the meantime, here are the all-important dates for your diaries:


Post-run stretching session, 17th September

On Tuesday 17th September we will welcome Claire, a visiting Physio/Pilates teacher, who will run through some post-run short structured stretch/pilates with members after the training session at around 8.20pm. This will take place in the KCC event room. Runs on that evening will end a little later at around 8.15pm

No cost and well worth a try!


Thursday training route

Arrangements for Thursday training

Tomorrow (Thursday 5th September) we are trialling a full club training run. This means that all groups will take the same core route, which has kindly been planned by Mark.

The route is across Forest Moor to Starbeck and back. The fast runners’ group will take the furthest route past the hospital (pink route) and back down Karesborough Rd. Inters will go as far as the Woodlands pub then start the loop back. The red line is for Jog 1 group who will take a shorter route and a green line for jog 2s on the shortest route.

We expect to have all groups operating: Jog 2, Jog 1, Inters and Fast, with leaders for each. We’ll explain more on the night.

See you there!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-02 at 14.17.23