Club Championships 2016 – Update

The Ladies Championship is still dominated by Veteran Ladies who cover the 1st 7 positions. Nicola Carter is deservedly in first place and will be Champion! The battle for 2nd place is close between Sima, Dawn and Sue (if they get the six required events in).

The Ben Campbell Championships for Men is more open, with the first 3 all Veteran athletes (Ian, Derek and Andy), however when Martin and Tom do more events the whole picture could change. It has been very competitive and 7 different men have won a race on the age graded system and 31 men have competed to date.

Since the table was last published I have corrected a couple of errors. At Thirsk 10 Mile Ian Waller, who I missed, took 1st place so everyone went down one place. In the original Summer Road League event I placed Derek 4th, it should have been 8th, the positions are now adjusted and can be found HERE.

With 5 races left there is still a lot to go for! The remaining events are as follows;

16/10/16 – Shaun Lee Johnstone 10 – Long
23/10/16 – Whixley 10k – Medium
06/11/16 – Guy Fawkes 10 – Long
06/11/16 – Leeds Abbey Dash 10k – Medium
18/12/16 – PECO Cross Country No.2 – Short

Go Striders.


PECO Cross Country – Registration Night – 18/10/16

The PECO Cross Country league will be starting up in November and I will therefore be holding a Cross Country registration evening on October 18th at the club training night.

All I need is Name, Date of Birth and your England Athletics registration number.

I will distribute race numbers when I get them from the league organiser and there will be a fee for them – probably £3.

The 1st race is on Sunday 27/11/16 at Temple Newsam and the cost is £3 (as it will be for all races), which includes food after the event.

Full details for each race usually appear on the PECO website 10 to 14 days before the event and will also be published on the club website.

If you want to let me know before 18/10 thats fine. If you can;t get to the registration evening, call me on 01423 866983 or E-mail via

All standards of runner participate in these friendly events. For more information, do have a word with me or anyone who ran last year.

Thanks Eric

The Weekly Report – A bit of parkrun tourism and a run at Bramham Park….but without the horse jumping

We start this week’s round-up with news of a missing result from last week’s report. Anna Cornforth took on the Bristol Half Marathon, her first time racing this distance, and completed the event in 01:48:28.

Moving onto this week’s parkrun news, the club ‘first Saturday of the month’ visit was to Bradford Lister Park. James Wright led the Striders contingent in a time of 19:05. Nicola Carter (21:30) just held off Ian Mitchell (21:35) and they were joined by Tom Burrell (28:22), Tracy Allison (29:21) and Edna Wood (29:33).

Three parkruns were visited by a single Strider each. At York, Guy Close set a new PB for parkrun overall with a time of 18:16. Over at Fountains Abbey, David Halladay stopped the clock on 25:50 and down South at the Crystal Palace event, Tom Calvert secured a speedy time of 18:49.

On the Stray, Rob Earl was first Strider back at the Harrogate event, clocking 19:09. He was chased down by Jason Green (21:24), Derek Calvert (22:30), Paul Heywood (23:10), Nick Wallen (23:42), Mark Shelton (27:00), Mark Taylor (27:02), Rob Charlesworth (27:27) and Emma Hall (40:59).

Moving onto Sunday, David Halladay completed the ‘Burnley Fire 10k’ whilst over in Lancashire visiting family and secured a time of 46:15.

At the Bramham Park 10k – a multi terrain race – Striders were represented by three members. Paul Heywood was the first back with a time of 01:02:53. Edna Wood wasn’t far behind in 01:03:09 and she was joined at the local race by Alison Jackson 01:10:59.

What’s Coming Up on the Striders social scene?
On the Social scene, we have the next of Tom’s Knaresborough Pub Crawls taking place a week on Friday (14/10/16). Meet at The Mitre between 19:30 and 20:00.

The club Christmas Doo will be held at the Old Swan (Harrogate) on Saturday 10th December. We still have places available so if you haven’t yet declared your interest, please speak with Edna Wood ASAP. Further details can be found on the original news article

A Strider, a bike and 3 peaks

Hands covering the brakes, I watch out for other riders while trying to scan the wet ground ahead for the best line to take. Suddenly my front wheel sinks into a bog and stops dead. But I don’t. I go over the bars and face plant straight into the peaty mud. The rider behind me bursts out laughing. Fortunately for me it’s a soft landing, because this is the descent of Ingleborough and there are still two more peaks to go.

The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross race has been going since 1961 and though the rules and route have been tweaked over the years, it’s always been an annual cycling smash-fest over Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent. It’s often dubbed as the toughest cyclo-cross race in the UK and has also been described as a fell race with a bike to slow you down on the climbs and to speed you up (and scare you) on the descents.

One of the lucky 650 to get a place on the start line, I’d been really looking forward to the race and had put in a few decent training sessions, which consisted of multiple bike carrying reps up The Chevin. Unfortunately, that training was then significantly curtailed due to two minor accidents. The first being a banged up shoulder from a trip over the handlebars after running out of talent when bunny-hopping an obstacle! The second was a sprained ankle after hitting the deck while doing a running recce of Whernside three weeks before the race. What a d**k!

Ankle post WhernsideDescending Whernside can be tricky even on foot

Thankful just to make the start after such fitful preparation, my primary objective was now simply to get to the finish. Thoughts of a time around 4-hours had been largely banished…and were completely extinguished by the top of Ingleborough! My ankle was holding up, but twinges of cramp in both quads meant that I was already in survival mode.

Descending Whernside
At the start of the Whernside descent, looking ‘relaxed’ (© SHP Imaging)

The rest of the race was incredible. The ascents were steep and descents were tricky. There was rain and there were some hailstones. The wind on the top of Pen-y-ghent was so strong it was a struggle to keep the bike from being blown off my shoulder. The cramp, which had begun in my quads, spread to muscles in my legs that I didn’t know I had! At several points during the race I really had to dig deep. Then almost suddenly, after 4-hours, 33-minutes and 59-seconds of effort and intense concentration, it was all over. I’d finished the 3 Peaks. I could barely stand, but I’d absolutely loved it.

Carng up Pen-y-ghentThe pain of Pen-y-ghent (© Patrick Frost)

The terrain, the history and the sheer lunacy of it all combine to make this a very special race. This 54th edition was really well organized and the marshals were efficient and encouraging. Two people though deserve very special thanks: my sister, who stood out in the wet and cold to hand me water bottles before and after Whernside. And the lady in the white VW van that drove past on the road to Horton and handed me some jelly babies out the window. Saviours both.

I really hope I get a place again next year.

Simon Shaw


Cakes and Goodies

The remaining cakes and goodies from the Crag Rat Run will be on sale, via donations, after training tonight (27/09).

All donations will go towards Dan Wilson’s fundraising efforts for the Harrogate Hospital Childrens Ward.


PECO Cross Country 2016/2017 – Fixture Dates

Here are the dates for the 2016/2017 Peco Cross Country Season.

1. November 27th 2016 @ Temple Newsan

2. December 18th @ 2016 @ To be confirmed.

3. January 22nd 2017 @ West Park.

4. February 19th 2017 @ Barnbow Woods

5.March 5th 2017 @ Roundhay Park

6 Peco Relays @ Golden Acre. Date-To be confirmed.

More information asap.

Great events, friendly, local, inexpensive, food after event, races not in excess of 5.5 miles, all standards welcomed. Do ask me and members who ran last season for information and an insight into the events.

Thanks Eric

Tuesday Night Quality/Structured Sessions – What do we do?

Over any given year the sessions offered follow a traditional pattern with the aim of bringing up members fitness levels to supplement their own training regime.

Basically, late September to February the following year will be Endurance and Strength work (long repetitions, hills and cross country events). From March onwards the move is towards Endurance and Sprint work, sharpening for the new season including Summer Road League, Club Championships and the multitude of events you can find in the running calendar during the Spring and Summer periods. In the racing season some Endurance work is maintained but shorter reps etc. are introduced to keep you sharp for racing.

Sometimes we move away from the regime to accommodate specific events such as the Bed Race or some individual races where I know there is going to be a good turnout of members OR just to give variety.