Club dates and calendar

I’ve just spend a few minutes deleting sessions and events from the club calendar, reflecting the vast change in our forward plans as we all do our part to ensure that social distance measures are as effective as they can be.

Club events

Needless to say, please consider all future events as subject to confirmation. Once we are all clearer about forward plans we’ll advise what events will/won’t take place. If you are choosing to enter events later in the year which are still open, do bear in mind the likelihood of their taking place. We are however putting a few virtual events and challenges in place for you to safely take part in and keep the Striding community connected, even if it’s not through sharing our running together.


With the first three events completed, our club champs are now understandably on ice. The majority of events across the next 3 months are already cancelled or postponed and I have updated the club championship page accordingly based on what we know at this time.

Summer League

HDSRL was due to start in just a few weeks, and whilst there are no official cancellations yet, the organisers are advising that you do not enter the series at this time.


Keep checking back for updates.

Report: Time Trial #1, 31st March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

The first Tuesday since the clocks ‘leapt’ forward saw the first running of our 2020 series of three 5k time trials .

A cool, dry Spring evening provided perfect conditions for our Striders, which combined with the quieter-than-normal local roads, presented a great chance to lay down a marker to beat as the year progresses.

Last year’s time trials had seen a clean sweep by ‘The Toms’ (Calvert & Killmurray) and this year’s first event was no different – Tom C (18:59) sweeping out the larder whilst Tom K (19:21) caught up on the latest edition of Rylan’s Supermarket Sweep on ITV2. James Ireland – always a strong contender – put down a time to beat, clocking a remarkable 19:50 to complete his jigsaw of Knaresborough Viaduct. If anyone’s seen the missing piece just to the left of Marigold cafe, please let him know. First lady home was Nicola Carter who took just 22:19 to iron all of Alan’s pants, chased in by Sima Lowery, who managed to complete two bedtime stories in 23:56 and Catherine Morland who navigated a particularly tricky birthday cake in 24:06.

Last year saw Dave Sinton reduce his times considerably and this continued into 2020, as he reduced to 28:42 the time it takes to tell his ‘If it wasn’t for the cancellation of parkrun I wouldn’t have broken my ankle’ tale of woe. He was followed in by Julian who spent 29:00 watching a re-run of ‘Come fly with me’. In a tightly-fought battle, Sarah Gore (29:42) just got the better of Guy Marshall (29:56). Sarah was flicking between Corrie and Judge Judy, whilst Guy installed an update of Windows.

Other notable performances included:

  • Sue Morley (31:43) to clean all her fell shoes
  • James Wright (19:59) online shopping for running shoes
  • Amy Naylor (26:32) sending motivational GIFs on the EBRC group chat
  • Gary Webster (23:64) still going on about his Castle Yard segment
  • Lizzie Medwell (32:19) trying to untangle from a particularly difficult Pilates position
  • Mhari Sellar (26:79) hanging upside-down
  • Debbie Herridge (31:31) dreaming of Filey
  • Sean Brennan (25:25) sticking a plaster on his knee
  • Ted Welton (21:00) messaging Linda about alternative uses for a trundle wheel
  • Linda Dodsworth (27:19) messaging Ted about alternative uses for plastic cones
  • Steve Dodsworth (24:82) wondering why Linda’s spending so much time messaging people when parkrun’s cancelled.
  • Martin Brock (22:01) sneaking questions about Cornwall into his latest quiz.

A number of our key workers were not able to compete due to saving lives. Conrad was injured.

A huge well done to EVERYONE who didn’t take part!

Full results below:

TT1 2020

#StayHomeSaveLives #KeyWorkers #Coronavirus #COVID19

PECO Championship Roundup – we have a winner!

PECO Championship Roundup – we have a winner!

PECOXCLogoThe PECO Cross-country championship is finished for the 2019-20 season – one marked out by some of the wettest conditions ever seen on the series! Sadly truncated to four events after the cancellation of Roundhay, we fielded an excellent 42 Striders across the series, several of whom were tackling the events for the first time.

Our biggest headline has to be our WINNER – with four characteristic gritty performances, Sue Morley, whilst finishing an impressive 100th in the overall standings, retained the F60 championship! Very well done Sue!


In the team standings:

Striders Ladies placed 3rd in 1st division
Striders Ladies Vets placed 8th in the very competitive Premier division

In the individual standings, 22 ladies took part with six completing sufficient events to qualify for the final standings:

Catherine Morland 35th overall and 5th in category
Mhairi Sellar 60th
Sue Morley – 100th and FIRST in Category
Akyollu Beyhan 101st
Julie Elmes 142nd
Paula Wilkinson 224th

Super Sue - Retaining the F60 Title!

Super Sue – Retaining the F60 Title!

Our squad also comprised: Sima Lowery, Carla Reddish, Louise Lodh, Amy Naylor, Claire Killingworth, Fyn Lees, Sarah Gore, Edna Wood, Sally Fannen, June Graham, Emma Killmurray, Anna Howard, Dawn Richardson, Emma Binnian and Ruth Mann. Well done all! For the full results click here: Ladies Final Standings


In the team standings:

Striders Men 3rd in 2nd division
Striders placed Mens Vets placed 6th in 1st division

In the individual standings, 20 men took part with seven qualifying for the final standings:

Steve Morland 45th Overall and 5th in category
Tom Killmuray 77th Overall
Aidan McNabb 161st
Steve Ellmore 249th
Mark Shelton 473rd
David Sinton 599th
Mick Dobson 629th

Our squad also comprised:  Ted Welton, Martin Brock, Derek Dobinson, James Wright, James Cornforth, Guy Marshall, Sean Brennan, Craig Mitchell, Ian Mitchell, Mark Taylor, Paul Walker and Stewart Hymas. The full Mens full results can be found here: Mens Final Standings

Swift Striding at Sessay!

A swift trip to Sessay…

Congratulations to our contingent of nineteen Striders who made the short trip to Sessay Swift last night for round 10 of our Ben Campbell Club Championship.

Our Striders at Sessay

Our Striders at Sessay

The fast fast tarmac route over the unconventional distance of 6K had many competitors scratching their heads as to how to approach the event, but mutterings around the start-line seemed to be mostly ‘like a parkrun, but with an extra bit..’. Our Striders did themselves proud, not only as the third biggest-represented club on the night, but also finishing a close second in the Mens’ team event behind a very strong Leeds AC team. Tom Calvert was our lead man home in an excellent 20:25, building on his recent parkrun form, whilst Nicola Carter clocked a great 26:44 to lead our squad of nine ladies in. The full results can be found here: Sessay Swift Results 2019

What does it mean for our club championship? Well we’ll have to process the results and age adjustments first, but it now looks like the Men’s championship is going to be a really close-run thing (no pun intended) and might well go right to the fifteenth and final round, whilst we may have a new leader in another category! Watch this space for updates very soon!

Our championship moves onto Round 11 at Wetherby 10k on Sunday 1st September – only 40 places are left so if you still wish to enter you’d best get your skates on. Or maybe race shoes. Visit: Wetherby 10K

Predictor Run Results

We had a fantastic evening at our annual Predictor run! We were amazed by the accuracy of some of the runs, especially those in the 5k event!

Congratulations and kudos to Ian Mitchell who was 2mins 5s away from his prediction, and Gaynor Downs who was an incredible 2seconds away from her predicted time. Consolations to Mark and Tracy who were both within 10seconds of their predictions!

Thanks to everyone for a great night and to our helpers and timers who made it possible!

5K results
5mile results


Club Championship Update!

Update: Ben Campbell Club Championship

Next weekend, our Club Championship moves onto round 6 at Staveley Stampede, so it’s time to take a look at how the early standings are shaping up. Thanks to Sima who has taken over the task of compiling the championship results!

The Veteran Ladies (35+) is our hottest- contended category so far, with an incredible 25 athletes already in the hunt. Sarah leads the way at the moment, but with four different ladies having already claimed the ‘1’, a long, close battle is likely.
CC VetLadies after 5 rounds

Our Senior Ladies category is currently a little lacking in numbers, but hopefully will grow as the season progresses. Defending champion Claire currently leads after her 5 completed rounds.
CC SeniorL after 5 rounds
The Senior men’s category is currently headed by James Wright but with four different winners so far, and some fast athletes yet to complete many rounds, who knows how this one will shape-up? What is certain is that with Martin ‘graduating’ to the Vets, we will eventually see a new champion!
CC SeniorM after 5 rounds

Another hotly-contested category is the Veteran men, where the challenge for everyone remains to beat defending champion Ian Waller after the adjustments are applied! Steve Morland currently leads from Steve Dodsworth and Dave Sinton but Ian continues to claim those P1s each time he runs…
CC VetMen after 5 rounds

Future rounds
We have another 10 rounds ahead, which are listed on the Championship page. We will announcing a replacement for round 14 soon…

Here’s how it’s all worked out…

The championship continues the system which was used by Eric very successfully for several years. At each round, your time is divided by a base figure accordingly to your age and gender. The resulting adjusted times are then sorted to give you your championship position at that particular round.

Your overall championship position is determined by the total of your best 7 finishes across the year, so the lowest score at the end of the season wins. If athletes haven’t completed 7 rounds (which is the case for everyone at moment!) positions are determined by sorting by number of races completed, then by the total of finishing positions so far.

April 2019 parkrun results

Parkrun report – April 2019
parkrun report

April saw our Striders complete 92 parkruns – a little down on our massive March, but the Easter break did mean a lot more travelling, with our members taking part in an incredible 23 different locations in four different countries during the month! Furthest distance goes, for the second month, to Ruth (over 10,000 miles) who was still out in Australia!

Remember that what is listed below is: Finishing Position, Gender Position, Name and Time.


6th April

St Peters parkrun (Sydney, Australia)
A total of 350 runners took part.
308         121         Ruth MANN                       00:36:43

Harrogate parkrun
Congratulations to Tom – first finisher! A total of 490 runners took part.
1              1              Tom CALVERT                    00:17:42
12           12            Ted WELTON                      00:19:42
24           23           James CORNFORTH         00:20:28
46           44           Sean BRENNAN                 00:21:36
56           53           Andy EASTON                    00:22:09
63           60           Steven CORE                      00:22:35
81           76            Craig MITCHELL                 00:23:25
87           80           Robert EARL                       00:23:39
180         25           Claire BAXTER                    00:25:58
335         242         Steve DODSWORTH        00:30:02
349         100         Gaynor DOWNS                00:30:46
422         146         Joanne SHARRATT           00:34:18
488         187         Emma HALL                        01:02:20

Skipton parkrun
A total of 205 runners took part.
129         44           Donna TUCKER                  00:29:40

Fountains Abbey parkrun
A total of 398 runners took part.
93           83           Paul SNELLING                  00:23:58
225         163         Anthony EVERITT             00:29:19
319         118         Tracy ALLISON                   00:33:28

Parke parkrun ( Devon)
A total of 105 runners took part.
51           12           Pamela SINGLETON         00:30:10

Bramley parkrun
A total of 190 runners took part.
29           26           Ian MITCHELL                     00:23:46
40           5              Nicola CARTER                   00:24:55
84           17           Edna WOOD                       00:28:51

Keppel parkrun
A total of 7 runners took part.
7              1              Joanne GRAY                     00:36:31

13th April

Sunderland parkrun
40           40           Steve DODSWORTH            00:23:16
206         69           Linda DODSWORTH           00:34:02

Harrogate parkrun
66           64           Sean BRENNAN                 00:22:03
69           67           Robert EARL                       00:22:14
77           75           Ian MITCHELL                     00:22:39
95           4             Fiona KITCHINGMAN      00:23:31
112         106         Derek CALVERT                 00:24:02
142         134         David SINTON                    00:24:56
153         11            Julie ELMES                         00:25:13
162         150         Steven CORE                      00:25:29
386         119         Claire BAXTER                    00:33:31
387         120         Joanne SHARRATT           00:33:33
400         129         Emma HALL                        00:34:09
418         144         Fiona GARTSIDE                00:36:13
419         145         Joanne GRAY                     00:36:37
425         276         Paul SNELLING                  00:37:09
435         157         Sarah GORE                        00:39:58
453         167         Dawn RICHARDSON        00:44:41
468         177         Ruth MANN                       01:06:13

Wetherby parkrun
9              9            Philip CORNFORTH          00:19:59
15           14           Ian WALLER                        00:20:38
48           36          Julian CARR                         00:24:45

20th April

Easter Saturday and 13 separate parkruns!

York parkrun
119         108         Conrad GARCIA                 00:22:01

Harrogate parkrun
A total of 568 runners took part.
71           66           Robert EARL                       00:21:49
75           70           Sean BRENNAN                 00:21:54
95           87           Gareth CONKLETON        00:22:30
100         9             Fiona KITCHINGMAN      00:22:40
128         116         Steven CORE                      00:23:16
438         128        Dawn RICHARDSON        00:31:05
526         185        Joanne GRAY                     00:36:10
559         206        Sarah GORE                        00:43:18

Eden Project parkrun
168         47           Claire BAXTER                    00:26:53

Sewerby parkrun (Bridlington)
A total of 461 runners took part.
36           35           Stephen ELLMORE           00:22:11

Fountains Abbey parkrun
Record turnout – a total of 636 runners took part.
115         108         Steve DODSWORTH        00:22:43
134         120         Derek CALVERT                 00:23:10
297         72           Linda DODSWORTH         00:27:41
320         88          Fiona SLIGHT                      00:28:16
Wetherby parkrun
A total of 136 runners took part.
11           10           Philip CORNFORTH                          00:20:10
26           23          Julian CARR                         00:23:11

Oldbridge parkrun (Drogheda, Eire)
A total of 151 runners took part.
66           60          Paul SNELLING                  00:25:25

Cabinteely parkrun (Dublin)
A total of 160 runners took part.
117         39           Donna TUCKER                  00:31:54

Stretford parkrun
A total of 627 runners took part.
7              7              Tom CALVERT                    00:16:37

Great Denham parkrun (Bedford)
A total of 167 runners took part.
53           43           David SINTON                    00:24:37
133         53           Ruth MANN                       00:32:29

Ford parkrun (Ulverston)
A total of 111 runners took part.
96           41           Joanne SHARRATT                           00:35:14

Cliffe Castle parkrun
A total of 173 runners took part.
51           41           Jason GREEN                      00:26:46

Myrtle parkrun (Bingley)
A total of 179 runners took part.
20           7             Nicola CARTER                 00:23:17
30           20          Ian MITCHELL                  00:24:00
112         33           Edna WOOD                       00:30:54

27th April

Harrogate parkrun
Tom made it a double for the month, first home in a near-identical time to his run earlier in the month! A total of 307 runners took part.
1              1              Tom CALVERT                     00:17:39
5              5              Tom KILMURRAY              00:18:47
6              6              Keith EMERY                       00:18:48
45           43           Ian MITCHELL                     00:21:58
51           49           Robert EARL                         00:22:07
129         15           Julie ELMES                          00:25:34
138         121         David SINTON                      00:25:47
246         75           Ruth MANN                         00:31:27
263         84           Claire BAXTER                    00:33:54
307         114         Louise BUCK                         00:54:23

Sedgefield parkrun
A total of 281 runners took part.
37           2              Nicola CARTER                   00:22:14

Fountains Abbey parkrun
3              3            Stephen MORLAND           00:18:22
28           26          Dan FOLEY                           00:20:18
65           10           Catherine MORLAND        00:22:46
76           64           Derek CALVERT                 00:23:15

Penrith parkrun
A total of 279 runners took part.
40           37           Stewart HYMAS                00:23:00

Heslington parkrun
A total of 355 runners took part.
61           59           Julian CARR                         00:22:39

Keppel parkrun
A total of 7 runners took part.
7              1              Joanne GRAY                     00:47:08

Blyth Links parkrun
A total of 252 runners took part.
39           36           Steve DODSWORTH                        00:22:06
193         80           Linda DODSWORTH                         00:31:41
That’s a wrap for April’s parkruns – 92 Free, Weekly, Timed Runs and another 460 km of fantastic social, Saturday runs. Well Done Everyone!

“Where’s MY result?!”

If you’re missing, please let me know – it will be due to one of two things: a) the editor’s incompetence, or b) you haven’t selected ‘’ as your club in your parkrun profile – help on that can be found here: update running club.



March 2019 Results Round-up

It’s the March 2019 Results Round-up…

Featuring this month: Three sisters, a canal, daffodils, propellers, MC Hammer, an errant branch and a case of forgotten footwear…

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

A fair reflection of many of our running days this March, however it might seem that the Victorians didn’t have rain! We did, guaranteeing the myriad running conditions to which our Striders are accustomed at this time of year. 10k and 10mile races returned in abundance, with great expectations of a successful season ahead for our athletes. There was no shortage of success either, with some fantastic times clocked, new distances tackled, much progress in evidence and even a few prizes along the way!

Saturday 2nd March

Just some of the many Striders at the 2nd March parkrun.

Just some of the many Striders at the 2nd March parkrun.

Harrogate parkrun

We’re including a solitary parkrun in this report because of course it formed part of our Club Championship. The second of this year’s extended 15 rounds and following-on from last month’s opener in Liversedge, it attracted Striders in strong numbers and ensured that our championship entries were greatly boosted! The Harrogate course was in expected condition for this time of year, with soft conditions on the grass and those crocuses to be avoided. The closure of Oatlands Drive provided an extra stretch of tarmac and so the worst of the mud was avoided! Cue several PBs, perhaps unexpected at this time of year!
Well done to the magnificent turnout of 38 Striders who turned out to ignite our championship! In the Senior Ladies category, Fiona Kitchingman took a fine first place from Laura Wilmshurst, whilst in the Veteran Ladies category Nicola Carter (23:02) snatched first place from June Graham, with the age-adjustment suggesting that a close fight will ensue this year across our biggest category. In the Senior men’s category, Tom Calvert’s very fine 17:48 guaranteed him a score of ‘1’, with James Wright’s 19:08 just holding off Tom Killmurray in the battle for second place. In the Veteran Men’s division, Steve Morland (18:42) led Dan Foley in another healthy field of ten Striders. Full results can be found in our recent March parkrun report here: March parkrun report

Dalby Darkrun

Raising funds for the North Yorkshire mountain rescue, the Dalby darkrun followed the course of the popular Dalby Forest parkrun for a night-time blast along the valley tracks and through the trees. This made for an exhilarating experience and the ‘tunnel’ effect resulted in some of the Striders, already doubling-up after the morning’s championship round, bettering their previous daytime efforts on the course! The club was also proud to provide the first two finishers in the race! Leading the field home in 18:36 was Steve Morland, pushed strongly by James Wright in 19:08. The recovering Catherine Morland (with clan and dog in tow) clocked 27:18 to win her category, whilst Fyn Lees (27:57) was runner-up in hers.

Some of our Striders up in the hills of Dentdale.

Some of our Striders up in the hills of Dentdale.

Sat 9th March

Dentdale 14

For the second year, our club championship returned to picturesque Dentdale for their ‘undulating’ 14-miler. Our Striders joined a field of nearly 300 runners who enjoyed better conditions than previous in which to tackle the twisting ribbon of a course up and down valley. The infamous rollercoaster of a 14th and final mile once again proved a stern challenge as tired competitors found themselves tantalisingly close to the brewery and finish line!
Ian Waller returned to action with a very strong 1:51:21, claiming the club’s veteran honours from our competitive new recruit Steve Dodsworth (2:05:45). Claire Baxter (2:18:55) led home the rest of our Striders: Georgina Townsend (2:26:00), Natalie Hale (2:26), Laura Wilmshurst (2:27:08) and Linda Dodsworth (2:35:24).

Sat 16th March

Hardmoors 50

Normally the ‘55’, this tenth edition of event was shortened slightly and renamed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cleveland Way National Trail. Starting at Guisborough, it followed the Cleveland Way route towards Helmsley, passing over the crest of the North York Moors and the Cleveland Hills taking in Roseberry Topping and the ‘Three Sisters’ before reaching the finish at the Market town of Helmsley. With over 2000 metres of ascent and a time limit of 16hours, just finishing the event is a challenge! Graham Yare was up to it though, battling the ridiculous winds and rain and nearly being blown off the path on the hills to complete this extreme event in 15 hrs, 9 minutes and 37 seconds. A tremendous effort, Graham!

Sunday 17th March

Thirsk 10 mile

Thirsk – the town of the vet. Immortalised by the writings of James Herriot and latterly providing the backdrop for Channel 5’s ‘The Yorkshire Vet’, this historic market town once again played host to the ever-popular Thirsk 10 mile road race. With over 1,000 entries, the flat fast course heading north from Thirsk Racecourse presents an early-season opportunity for a PB. On a busy racing weekend, ten Striders chose this as their challenge.
Tom Calvert produced a fantastic (but perhaps frustrating?) time of 01:00:03, whilst Steve Morland clocked a lifetime PB of 01:01:51. James Wright put a sleep-deprived night behind him to clock 01:06:08, whilst the experience Ian Mitchell produced a fine 01:14:27 and Stewart Hymas returned home in 01:16:06. Claire Baxter continued her return to fitness in 01:25:53, ahead of Sarah Gore (1:36:04), Lizzie Medwell (01:41:03), Dawn Richardson (01:45:43) and Jo Gray (02:09:32).

Dawn at the finish of Thirsk 10

Dawn at the finish of Thirsk 10

Striders past and present meet in Thirsk

Striders past and present meet in Thirsk

More happy finishers at Thirsk

More happy finishers at Thirsk

Storming the finish

Storming the finish

Bradford 10k

Bradford 10k

Bradford 10k

Bradford’s ‘out and back’ route provides another great opportunity for PBs (there’s a theme emerging here…) with a slightly negative second-half boosting runners to competitive times. In a massive 2,500-strong field, Issy Rowe set a blistering 40:40 to claim fifth female with Dave Sinton recording a very decent 51:11. New recruit Donna Tucker’s run was both impressive and frustrating in equal measure, clocking just one second over the hour (1:00:01), whilst our Strider contingent was completed by Jo Sharratt (1:07:15), Ruth Mann (1:07:52) and another very welcome newcomer in Richard Bracey (1:09:13).

Lightwater Valley Challenge 10k

A brand new route greeted competitors at this year’s 10K Lightwater Valley Challenge. Starting at the Lightwater Valley car park it headed out on quiet country roads into the surrounding countryside taking a scenic route for those with the energy to appreciate the views! After working their way to the highest point of the course (301ft) runners then had ‘The W’ to smash, marking the midpoint peak between two peaks. W smashed and course completed, Lisa Harrison and Beyham Akyollu both impressed with times of 53:54 and 54:45 respectively.


Friday 22nd March

York Spring 10km (Race 1 of 4 Seasons)

It was a return to the York Sports Village for a trio of our Striders taking part in the first of York’s four seasonal Today evening 10km events. So, more laps of the 1k cycle circuit ensued, with memories of ‘Bloodaxe’ (see February) still no doubt fresh in the mind. James Wright, no doubt very familiar with the tarmac by now, continued his recent 10k form with a speedy 38:39, finishing 4th overall. Lisa Harrison set a PB after working a night-shift (24th in 51:11) and Fyn Lees (44th in 59:05) also finished strongly – if perhaps dizzy – in the top half of the field.

Sunday 24th March

Dishforth 10k finishers

Dishforth 10k finishers

Dishforth Dash 10k.

Ok, let’s be honest about this. Dishforth 10k is flat, a bit boring and often breezy! Nonetheless it’s in aid of a good cause, easy to get to and presents a great chance to post a competitive 10k time early in the year. This year’s Striders contingent found that the stiff winds affecting the North of England made pacing nigh impossible, but some great times were posted. Steve Morland crossed the line 12th in 37:19, followed by Nicola Carter (46:00) and second in her class, Catherine Morland (47:09) and Lizzie Medwell winning her category in 1:02:48.

James digging into the wind at East Hull 20

James digging into the wind at East Hull 20

East Hull Harriers 20mile

An ideal ‘warm up’ for forthcoming marathons, This flat and fast course on rural roads and part of the railway line located in the Holderness area was tackled by three Striders. James Wright encountered those stiff headwinds yet registered a very impressive 2:20:31 (65th overall) ahead of Claire Baxter (3:14:07). The most impressive performance came from David Sinton, who posted a fantastic 3:14:23 as his preparation for Belfast continues. We think he found the experience enjoyable… “…dicky tummy, burning legs, dropped oranges… whipped in the face by a branch. Pretty eventful really!”



Canal Canter

A successful quintet at the Canal Canter

A successful quintet at the Canal Canter

Second lady!

Second lady!

The ‘Grim up North’ events continue to gain popularity and provide an alternative to the traditional selection of club races. They provide entrants with a range of distances to choose from, all running concurrently at the same location. The Canal Canter is an ‘out-and-back’ on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, based at Kirkstall. Its flat route is not particularly technical so it’s a great opportunity to improve that PB. This was undoubtedly the case for the group of our Striders who entered, with each one of them setting a best over the half-marathon distance! Louise Lodh underlined her return to form with a scintillating 01:49:34 to lead our Striders in, 11th overall and claiming the second lady prize along the way – well done, Louise! Very close behind were the trio of Vanessa El-Etriby (14th in 1:50:48), Debbie Herridge (15th in 1:50:56) and Gosia Przybyl (16th in 1:54:09). Completing a super set of performances was Helen Richardson with a debut time over the distance of 2:01:36.


Dave taking a break from celebrity-spotting.

Dave taking a break from celebrity-spotting.

Jo enjoying her time in the city.

Jo enjoying her time in the city.

London Landmarks

Jo Gray and David Halladay entered this new Half Marathon, which passes through both the City of London and City of Westminster. As the name suggests, there were famous locations aplenty, with our Striders starting on Pall Mall, finishing by Downing Street and passing Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column, the Gherkin, the Shard, the Tower of London and the London Eye. Jo’s hard work and determination paid off, completing the 13.1miles in 03:04:57, whilst David (Enjoying the great atmosphere and a spot of celeb hunting) comfortably broke the 2-hour mark in 1:55:00.


Sunday 31st March

Elvington Flyer

A flat and fast race around Elvington Airfield, the flyer takes place over 5mile and 10mile distances with its a bespoke medal (resplendent with spinning propeller!) awaiting the finishers. Over the longer 10mile distance, David Sinton finished strongly in 1:28:22, from Lisa Harrison (1:28:37) and Donna Tucker (1:44:48). Over the 5mile distance, Andy Easton’s improving pace resulted in an excellent 35:45, leading home a Striders contingent of Vanessa El-Etriby (38:39), Claire Baxter (39:37), Debbie Herridge (39:52), Gosia Przybyl (40:30) and Natalie Whitwham (47:11). A word also for Mustafa El-Etriby who clocked a fine 31:59 and who may be appearing in our colours very soon…

Some of the competitors at Elvington flyer.

Some of the competitors at Elvington flyer.

Donna's debut!

Donna flying!

The Striders PECO relay squad + canine friend.

The Striders PECO relay squad + canine friend.

Issy running for the PECO ladies squad.

Issy running for the PECO ladies squad.

Ted running his leg at the PECO relays

Ted running his leg at the PECO relays

Relay handover for the Superwomen

Relay handover for the Superwomen


PECO Relays

The traditional end to the PECO season saw 54 teams from the PECO and West Yorkshire leagues in a hotly-contested competition at Middleton Park. It’s three competitions in one: Firstly, PECO and West Yorkshire choose six representative teams each from their leagues and contest the annual trophy. Issy Rowe was selected for the PECO Ladies Open Team, logging a great leg of 21:32 and contributing to that team’s 8th place finish overall. That helped seal a 5-1 victory for PECO over West Yorkshire. Secondly, each club is invited to select a representative team (Male, Female and Vet) to race for club honours. Our team of Steve Morland (19:14), Sima Lowery (23:44) and Ted Welton (19:33) clocked a great 1:02:31, finishing 9th overall and claiming 3rd place in the club standings! Finally, runners can enter further teams in any category. Our ‘Knaresborough MC Hammers’ team of Nicola Carter (24:20), Catherine Morland (24:46) and Steve Morland (20:05) claimed first place in the ‘Mixed Open’ category, whilst the ‘Knaresborough Superwomen’ team of Sue Morley (27:44), Edna Wood (29:19) and Julie Elmes (27:28) claimed the Ladies SuperVets crown. Well done Striders and enjoy your prize-winning socks!

Stewart's new shoes not pictured.

New shoes not pictured.

Coniston 14

One of the most beautiful road races in the country, several of our Striders chose to take in the incredible scenery as they lapped the Lake District’s third-largest expanse of water. James Wright was the least distracted by the views, completing the circuit in 1:33:14, with Ian Waller putting in another strong performance in 1:43:53. Having made a stop en route to buy running shoes (oops…) Stewart Hymas clocked 01:48:15 ahead of Julian Carr (02:02:28), Georgina Townsend (02:07:40) and Lizzie Medwell (02:25:04).

Striding through the daffodils

Striding through the daffodils

Temple Newsam Daffodil Dash 2019

Our final event of March 2019 was the Daffodil Dash held at Temple Newsam. Probably not quite what Capability Brown had in mind when he landscaped the grounds, the wonderful spring scenes will have perhaps taken the 75 contenders minds off the ‘undulations’ which typify this favoured running location. Our brace of striders certainly had a spring in their step around the 10k route, with Debbie Herridge recording a very symmetrical 55:55, just ahead of Claire Baxter in 58:52.



With a fantastic 16 events completed in March, Striders continue to go from strength-to-strength and it has been great to see new names appearing. We’ll do our best to keep spotting your running efforts, but don’t forget to post something onto our forum if you want to be certain of appearing in April’s report!

Steve Morland

February 2019 Results Round-up

February 2019 Results Round-up

Featuring…  Dave in War Paint, hills, snakes, lakes, hills, and more hills but sadly no axes.

February. Just long enough to bridge the gap between January and March. With cold, barren landscapes, the continued absence of daylight and resolutions becoming a distant memory, it’s a wonder that any running happens at all! Not so for our Striders though, who cranked up their competitive efforts as the race calendar began to stir from its winter slumber. It was probably some help that the harsh conditions of 2018 stayed away too!

Sunday 3rd February

Dewsbury 10

The birthplace of the Brownlee brothers, Dewsbury played host to six Striders who took part in the 10km race there. With a slightly uphill first half, the course lends itself to negative splits and PBs. This proved to be the case as our Striders clocked some blistering times so early in the year.

Tom Calvert led the Striders home in a fabulous 35:05, whilst James Wright was setting a new PB of 37:21 followed less than a minute later by Martin Brock (38:07). Nicola Carter (47:16), Fyn Lees (53:54) and Jo Gray (1:14:19) completed our representatives in a huge field of 1700 contenders.

Sunday 10th February

Dave digs in at Roundhay Park PECO!

Dave digs in at Roundhay Park PECO!

PECO Round 5

You’ve already seen the final results of this year’s PECO season, but how exactly did things shake out in the final round at Roundhay Park? Once again the runners were welcomed by unseasonably warm weather, but this time enjoyed the opportunity to race together for the first time in the series. A more open course swept the runners around the edges of the park, albeit with a couple of leg-shredding climbs en route. Steve Morland was first to emerge over the hill and past the bandstand into the finishing straight, clocking 30:58 in 66th place, narrowly ahead of series stalwarts Ted Shelton (31:18) and James Wright (31:55). Issy Rowe closed out her successful series, claiming 12th lady in 33:36, only a little ahead of the departing Gary Wilkinson (34:24) and Sima Lowery (35:52). By now the Striders were swamping the finish line: Sean Brennan (36:01), Ian Mitchell (37:20), Mark Shelton (41:12),  Andy Tibbals (41:31), Lisa Harrison (42:01) and Jason Green (42:33). Sue Morley (43:14) once again claimed first place in her age category, ahead of Julie Elmes (44:09), Claire Killingworth (44:26), Fyn Lees (44:55), Claire Baxter (45:43), David Sinton (45:55), Pam Singleton (46:39), our outgoing Strider-of-the-year Edna Wood (47:09), Debs Goldfield (47:56), Sarah Gore (48:34) and Sally Taylor (49:42). So we reached the end of really well-attended and positive  series. ICYMI, here are the series results: PECO Round-up. Don’t forget though that the PECO relays take place on 31st March and are open to all.

Muddy Boots

The Muddy Boots 10k remains a popular test for runners early in the year, heading out of Ripon to take in a challenging mixture of terrains and elevations. The deceptively clean and tidy start out of the city soon gives way to the more rural terrain which gives the event its name. Stewart Hymas (49:10), Craig Mitchell (49:40),  June Graham (1:01:37), Sally Fannen (1:02:47),  Dawn Richardson (1:08:40) all performed strongly around the course.

Saturday 16th Feb

Nostell Priory Night Run

Jo Bower & Edna Wood headed down to Nostell for the extra challenge of the dark. We haven’t been able to find any results yet but rest assured they returned safe and well!

Sunday 17th February

Liversedge half

Some of our Liversedge entrants.

Some of our Liversedge entrants.

Our Ben Campbell Club Championship got underway over at Roberttown, where the very friendly Roberttown Road Runners hosted their very challenging Half-marathon. Stretching between Liversedge and Brighouse and twice passing over the M62, the route heads in and out of the valleys which typify the area, with a steep descent to the River Calder quickly followed by the brutal climbs which persist throughout the remainder of the race. Some blustering wind on the high ground only added to a challenge which demanded some gritty and determined runs. Not the most forgiving circumstances in which to make your half-marathon debut then, yet that’s what Dave Sinton did, clocking a great 2:03:34 and showing the incredible progress in stamina and speed which he continues to develop! Another six Striders took up the challenge: Steve Morland (1:30:41), Anthony Mulley (1:49:49), Claire Baxter (1:56:02), Mark Shelton (1:57:44), Ryan Middleton (2:04:41) and former Roberttown resident herself, Sarah Gore (2:21:09).

Harewood Half and 10k

A trio of our Striders at the Harewood Half/10K

A trio of our Striders at the Harewood Half/10K

The British Heart Foundation’s event at Harewood is a popular charity challenge with a hilly route along trails, forest inclines and tree-lined fields in the stunning grounds of Harewood House. Whilst mud was less in evidence than at previous events, the rolling hills of the estate nonetheless meant that whichever distance was chosen would proved a stern test. Claiming their finishers’ medals and t-shirts in the 10k event were: Vanessa El-Atriby (50:31), Debbie Herridge (51:40) and Gosia Przybyl (56:02). In the longer half-marathon option were: Mhairi Sellar (2:03:44), Amy Naylor (2:07:50),  Beyham Akyollu (2:07:51) and Sally Fannen (2:31:42). Apologies to anyone we’ve missed!

The Bloodaxe challenge

Due to Health and Safety regards, this Viking-inspired event features neither Axes nor Blood. That would be stupid anyway. So, what better way to celebrate the Viking years of rule in Yorvik than to go to the tiny 1km Heslington  cycle track and then persuade enough willing idiots to run around it non-stop for 2hours? With clearly nothing better to do, a quartet of Striders took on this dizzying spectacle. James Wright completed 27laps , whilst Julian Carr clocked 22, Lisa Harrison 21, and Fyn Lees 19 whilst Emma Hall and Jo Gray both saw 14km tick past. They should all be thoroughly commended but instead we’re providing some counselling sessions to help them to recover.

Saturday 23rd February

52788352_2090056564415013_8095212006551846912_oSaucony National Cross-Country championships

With the National Championships being held so close to home this year, several Knaresborough Striders took the opportunity to test themselves alongside 8,000 of the finest junior and senior athletes in the country. The grounds of Harewood House provided the same hilly and grassy challenge which it had offered just a few days earlier for the BHF event. The huge fields for each race (no pun intended) were typified by incredible quality which, combined with the energy-sapping grass, made for the sternest of tests. In the senior ladies race, Issy Rowe (36:25) was the first to complete the 8km course, joined by Sima Lowery (37:11) and Julie Elmes (47:10) in a field of over 800. The final race of the day was the 2000-strong senior men’s 12km race, featuring the ‘widest’ cavalcade start of the day! Our fearless four were: Steve Morland (47:57), Ted Welton (49:12), Gary Wilkinson (54:14) and Sean Brennan (58:58). A huge well done to our squad who turned out.

Slaithwaite Slog 2019

One of our very newest members, Donna Tucker, took part in the 10K event at the latest ‘Grim up North’ event, clocking a very respectable 1:04:55. Welcome to the club Donna!

Sunday 24th February

Ilkley Fell Race

Beautiful weather greeted this year’s edition of the Ilkley Fell Race, reducing the amount of mandatory kit to be carried, but the tough terrain remained! Not content with having competed 24-hours earlier at the National Cross Country, Sean Brennan clocked a strong 58:59 on the trails above Wharfedale.

Snake Lane 10 miles52702571_1209569409200096_1368595220110770176_n

Gosia Przybyl and Fyn Lees travelled to Pocklington to take part in the fantastically-named ‘Snake Lane 10’. As its name suggests, the course has a winding stretch that snakes its way through beautiful East Yorkshire countryside at the foot of the glorious Wolds. Gosia clocked 1:28:17 and Fyn 1:33:27, then collected their bling.

Carsington Water Half-Marathon

James Wright and Tom Calvert found themselves at the Marathon Chat Podcast weekend in Bakewell (no Sandy Balls* this year) and entered the nearby Carsington Water Half Marathon, which takes place around the undulating, traffic-free trails surrounding Carsington Water Reservoir. The route offers stunning views of the Lake and surrounding Peak District countryside and is popular with runners undertaking a spring marathon training schedule. Both our Striders clocked highly-impressive results – Tom placing 4th overall in a very swift 1:23:05, whilst James placed 15th in 1:29:01.  *See February 2018

So with that, February was done. Striders now look forward to lighter nights and more events from which to select, whilst keeping their fingers firmly crossed that winter doesn’t make any determined efforts to disrupt those plans! March sees the continuation of our club championship at the Harrogate and Dentdale rounds, the ever-popular Thirsk 10mile, the fabulous PECO relays and the somewhat-flat Elvington Flyer, just to name a few.

Keep on Striding!