Club Championship 2020

Knaresborough Striders’ Ben Campbell Club Championship 2020

Ben Campbell CC20

We headed into 2020 with plans for our best ever club championship – 16 varied events across the year – but of course things came crashing to a halt in March after just three events had been completed. In the meantime we’ve had our hugely successful virtual championship and with that now complete, we have taken the decision to award our 2020 Club Championships based on the results of those successful Virtual events instead. So (drum roll…) here are your 2020 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS!

Female Senior (18-39) Mhairi Sellar
Female Vet (40+) Nicola Carter
Male Senior (18-39) James Ireland
Male Veteran (40+) John Hamilton

Congratulations to this year’s winners, who will receive their awards during our Online Awards Night on 30th January.

You can click here to see the full results of the 2020 Club Championships:  2020 Club Championship Totals 

Quite how our 2021 Club Championship will shape up will hopefully become clearer in the next couple of months. It may be ‘virtual’ again, or perhaps a mixture of virtual and real events depending on when/whether races resume! We hope that the first event will take place in late March following the conclusion of our short Cross-Country series.

Eric is also continuing to look at a separate Fell Race Championship – again detail to follow as the race situation becomes clearer.



VC20 Results Round-up


With just one final event to conclude – here’s what’s been happening in our virtual club championship, VC20! The field has now grown to a fantastic 69 participants, 10 of whom have competed all 11 rounds so far! We also extend a very warm welcome to those who have joined the fray in recent events!

Event 9 – St. Robert’s Rush
We’ve been tackling this 1-mile blast of a time trial course for a couple of years now and members are always amazed by what they can achieve along the banks of the River Nidd. This proved to be the case once more as 44 Striders tested themselves over the classic mile distance. Fastest – not for the first time along Abbey Road – was Tom Calvert in a mind-blowing 4:55, chased in by Dan Kersley, making his first attempt along the course as a Strider. Fastest Lady Sima Lowery clocked a very impressive 6:17, a mere 2 seconds ahead of Nicola Carter. In spite of some grotty weather throughout this event, with wind and rain blasting many Striders, fabulous performances appear throughout the results. Once the age/gender adjustments had been applied, our top three was Tom, John Hamilton and Nicola. Well done to all who sprinted their way through this one!

Event 10 – (not)parkrun.
We began Event 10 back under lockdown, so a change of plan was required. Rather than run a specific route, we returned to the ‘pick your own’ format. To emulate the originally intended event (Conyngham Hall parkrun) we asked that you planned a 5k route which was 50% tarmac. With vital seconds proving important in the results, it was no surprise perhaps that over half of the participants headed to the pancake-flat Stray – home of the Harrogate parkrun. The next most popular route was Conyngham hall – in a variety of configurations. A few intrepid Striders headed onto different routes in Great and Little Ouseburn, Fountains Abbey and Knaresborough Waterside. Biggest kudos however goes to Kelly Squires who clearly who tackled the hilly AND muddy paths of Jacob Smith park! Highlights amongst another big field of 42 striders were a first overall win for Nicola Carter and a return to the top 10 for Sue Morley whilst the fastest time was clocked by Tom Calvert (18:18) just ahead of James Ireland (19:19).

Event 11 – 5mile trail run.
For our penultimate event we returned to trails, previously used for event 3, but now over the longer 5-mile distance. With members still running under lockdown conditions you were free to choose your route, which need to be unpaved, ideally rural and including more gradient than a ‘road run’. Another fairly poor fortnight of weather and the darker days ‘welcomed’ our Striders but nonetheless 27 of you submitted results. Local reservoirs of Swinsty, Fewston, Grimwith and Thruscross were once again popular, providing perfect undulating and mixed routes with great views! Other locations visited included:
Horseshoe fields, Almscliffe Crag, Hay-a-park, Nidd Gorge, Birkham Woods, Plumpton rocks, Ripley Greenway, Coneythorpe, Jacob Smith Park, Spinney Field
and Arkendale. Whilst participation in the series has been 50:50 male/female, it was our ladies who dominated in the trickier conditions! In the overall standings for this event our top 4 was Nicola, Carla, Sima, and Catherine with Dawn (7th) and Sue (8th) also featuring in the top 10! In terms of outright pace, this time it was James Ireland who headed the field by almost 3 minutes!

Overall standings after 11 events
With just one event remaining, the final standings are far from clear! Recent events have seen a shake-up of the established order as more Striders ‘qualified’ by completing 6 events. Our podium currently comprises John Hamilton (8pts), Tom Calvert (9pts) and Nicola Carter (12points) but this could change after event 12! Competition for the other positions, especially in the top 10, is also tight with mere points separating several Striders. Whilst most of the category winners are now decided, there remain a few still to be decided, with Sarah and Donna separated by just 1 point, Carla and Sima by 2 points, Dawn and June also by 2 points and Sue and Lizzy tied! Look out for the final standings from Wednesday 23rd December!

To see all the results and current standings in more detail, head over to our VC20 page!

VC20 Round up and standings after Event 8

VC20 Round-up after Event 8


Our virtual championship continues apace, having now reached the two-thirds mark. We’ll take a look below at how the championship standings are shaping up, with dropped scores now tightening-up the competition, but firstly let’s look back at our most recent event.

Round 8 – 6k Night Race

After a record-breaking effort around the Crag Rat course for event 7, event 8 saw forty Striders somewhat in the dark – literally – with a 6k night race on their chosen course.

Places and Spaces

Club-organised runs were popular this time around, with eight members logging times set on club nights and a further seven taking advantage of our evening at Fewston/Swinsty reservoirs. Inevitably, the nearby St. James’s Retail Park again proved popular with six members – and some of the fastest time – set on the flat(ish) route past the garages and McDonalds which has found favour with our members throughout the series. Many members also sought relatively flat runs in their local neighbourhoods, with Chain Lane, the ‘Three’ (Bar/Hazelheads/Breary Flat Lanes), Waterside, Abbey Road and Eastfield all featuring prominently. Clearly not afraid of a challenge, Sue Morley took on arguably the toughest course, making laps of the decidedly not-flat Jacob Smith Park in the dark! Looking further afield, runs were also posted in Starbeck, Harrogate, Bilton, Scotton, Armscliffe Crag, Huby, North Rigton, Little Ouseburn, Thorpe Underwood and Whitby!


Our fastest recorded time in Event 8 went to James Ireland who clocked a mightily impressive 22:11 (at the retail park of course) just ahead of erstwhile series leader John Hamilton (22:39) and one of our newest Striders, Dan Kersley (22:48). Our fastest female this time around was Sima Lowery (26:12) breaking into the top 10 times, whilst our number of contenders swelled to 64 with the very welcome appearance of Chris Lines. Of course it’s not all about outright times, as our championships are age and gender adjusted. After the calculations were complete, a top 5 for the event saw John Hamilton taking his 4th outright win, followed by James Ireland, Nicola Carter, Sima Lowery and Carla Reddish. Several Striders also recorded their best results of the championship so far, including Gareth Conkleton (9th), Steve Dodsworth (12th), Fiona Slight (28th) and Tony Everitt (30th).

Championship Standings

With half of the field having now completed six or more events, dropped scores are having an effect, with championship positions becoming tighter! In the overall standings, John Hamilton continues to lead but is being chased hard by James Ireland who has moved up into 2nd place. Carla Reddish continues to occupy the top 3 but now has competition hot on her heels, with Nicola Carter climbing 22 places into 4th overall and Sima Lowery only two further points behind. Other members jumping into qualifying positions were Fiona Slight and Sean Brennan, whilst James Wright, Dan Kersley, Sue Morley and Tom Calvert each look likely to leap into top 10 contention by the conclusion of the series!

Whilst some of the categories now have a mathematically secure winner, others continue to see tight battles raging! In F45-49, the contest between Sima and Carla looks likely to be a close one, whilst in F55-59 it’s too close to call between Dawn and June. The M55-59 category will be taken by one of Ian Mitchell or Steve Dodsworth (but which?) whilst the Senior Men’s category looks set to develop into a three-way battle.

To see the full results and standings, head over to our VC20 Page, where you can also submit your time for Event 9 – St. Robert’s Rush.



VC20 update after Event 6

Event 6 of our VC20 is in the books and so the longest challenge of the series – the half-marathon – is complete! Despite the longer distance, we still saw a strong entry of 28 Striders so that’s a fantastic 366miles clocked on this event alone.
For all the details of results and standings, visit our VC20 page at: VC20

We’ve now seen 60 different Striders take part in the series and this round saw two debutants: our 2018 Senior men’s Champion Martin Brock and one of our newest Striders, Dan Kearsley, who immediately ignited the Senior Men’s category by registering an incredible 1:26:47 around the local villages – the fastest time of this event!

The villages immediately to the east and north of Knaresborough proved most popular for this challenge – quiet, tarmac and somewhat flatter than the gnarly rock which we call home – with Ferrensby, Farnham, Staveley, Arkendale, Coneythorpe, Flaxby and Goldsborough seeing many Striders passing through. Not surprisingly, the St. James Retail Park – scene of many recent attempts – was shunned for this event with Striders wisely deciding that it was just too many laps for their sanity! Some Striders did find themselves a good flat route though, be it the Stray, the Greenway or further afield such as Dawn and Mike’s exploits on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Whilst Donna and Julie sought the beautiful sights of Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs, Ruth and Dave travelled north to Roker – channelling the GNR spirit with a return run to South Shields! A couple of Striders submitted some very lumpy fell runs as their entries (clearly intending to drop those scores later) with Craig running up Almscliffe Crag and Catherine M tackling the dales!

So to our standings. We now have several Striders who have completed the necessary six events to qualify and they find themselves aloft the standings. John Hamilton, Carla Reddish and Steve Ellmore continue to hold on to the top 3 places overall. Our current category leaders are: Vanessa, Donna, Carla, Julie, Dawn, Gaynor, Lizzie, Mhairi, Aidan, Dan F, Steve M, John Ham, Ian, Derek and James W. However, a quick glance down the sheets show that the next couple of events should see many more Striders logging six events and some being able to start dropping their bigger scores. At which point, the true order of things will begin to emerge….

We are now into Event 7 which is right on our own doorstep. Tomorrow (Sunday 27th September) would have seen our own ‘Crag Rat run’ taking place. To recognise this, your current challenge is to run that course in your own time, posting your best attempt by 11th October.

Finally, a puzzle. We don’t know where Gareth ran, but he set his PB accompanied by his ‘old friend Howard Jones’. We don’t seem to have Howard on the membership list but if you’re reading this, why not sign up? We’d like to get to know you well.

VC20 – Age-graded results now available!

How did you do?

The age-graded results for the first 5 rounds of the VC20 are now available on our VC20 page. They make really interesting reading, not least because for the first time we have an ‘all in’ Overall Category! We are also taking this opportunity to try out 5-year age bandings so as you’ll see we have lots of ‘1sts’ at every event.
We’ve had around 40 entries for each round so far and there are still 7 rounds for you to have a go at – you only need 6 results to qualify! Our sixth event – the half-marathon – is well underway and you have until Sunday 20th September to complete your effort.
If you spot anything odd in your results just let us know.

VC20 Update – Events 1-5

vc20 logo

We have now processed and released all the timing results from our first 5 events in the Virtual Championship, VC20. These will be followed shortly by the championship positions so far, both overall and in your respective category. On that note, we have taken the decision to try out the ‘narrower’ 5-year gender/age banding for this series, rather than the ones normally used in our Club Championship – this was suggested by several Striders after taking part in the recent inter-club challenge and means more winners!

If you spot that a result is missing or wrong, please email – this will help us greatly when issuing the standings!

We are now into Event 6 which is the longest one in the series – a half-marathon on a route of your choice. You have until 20th September to post your result.

Timings for Events 1 to 5, along with the link to submit your result for Event 6 can be found on our VC20 page:  VC20 Page


Mob Match results!

Mob Match

Firstly, a huge well done to all our Striders (43 of you) who took part in this year’s 10K Mob Match against our friends at Nidd Valley. This was also event 4 of our ‘VC20’.

Rather than holding the Mob Match at a race such as Burton Leonard (in past years) or Staveley (as was the plan this year…) you chose myriad locations to sweat-out your 10K effort, including: Aldborough, Bilton, Brecon Beacons, Bridlington, Castley, Fewston, Goldsborough, Harland Way, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Little Ouseburn, Melmerby, Nidderdale Greenway, Redcar, Ripley, Saltburn, Scotton, Sewerby, Starbeck, The Stray, St.Aidan’s Nature Reserve and Swinsty Reservoir!

We were matched up against 56 members of Nidd Valley, which gave them an advantage so we found ourselves as RUNNERS-UP in the Mob Match.

The breakdown of the points was as follows:

MobMatch totals

The scores comprise of finishing positions, so the lower score wins.

Well done to our ladies (25 Striders vs 28 NV) who put in a great turnout and were closest to gaining a win again this year. The gents (18 Striders vs 28) found themselves with an unassailable disadvantage to overcome, in spite of some great efforts right through the field!

The full results can be found by clicking here: MobMatchResults2020PDF.

Thanks to Kevin Dalton at NV for putting the results together and congratulations to Nidd Valley – perhaps that will soften the blow of losing to us in the 5K challenge… 😉

Here’s looking forward to doing it all ‘for real’ next year!

5k Inter-club challenge results!

The results are in from the Inter-club 5K challenge which has been taking place between ourselves, Nidd Valley and Ripon Runners!

We ended a very creditable 2nd overall – particularly considering that we are the smallest club of the three! We turned out 61 runners – a fantastic number – versus the 64 and 98 of Nidd and Ripon respectively! Congratulations to Sue Morley and Edna Wood who each won their respective categories!

The results in each category, as provided by Ripon Runners, are shown below:

Inter-club overall

Ladies’ individual results:
(‘Position’ shows points earned)
interclub ladies
(note: Sue Morley incorrectly listed as NV!)

Mens’ individual results:
(‘Position’ shows points earned)
interclub men

Club dates and calendar

I’ve just spend a few minutes deleting sessions and events from the club calendar, reflecting the vast change in our forward plans as we all do our part to ensure that social distance measures are as effective as they can be.

Club events

Needless to say, please consider all future events as subject to confirmation. Once we are all clearer about forward plans we’ll advise what events will/won’t take place. If you are choosing to enter events later in the year which are still open, do bear in mind the likelihood of their taking place. We are however putting a few virtual events and challenges in place for you to safely take part in and keep the Striding community connected, even if it’s not through sharing our running together.


With the first three events completed, our club champs are now understandably on ice. The majority of events across the next 3 months are already cancelled or postponed and I have updated the club championship page accordingly based on what we know at this time.

Summer League

HDSRL was due to start in just a few weeks, and whilst there are no official cancellations yet, the organisers are advising that you do not enter the series at this time.


Keep checking back for updates.