Weekend Results – 31.10 & 01.11

A soggy Stray was the destination for 6 Striders on Saturday as they took on the Harrogate pakrun course in reverse! Julian Carr (23:18) kicked on in the last lap to finish ahead of Graeme Kilvington (23:35) by 17 seconds to be first Strider home. They were joined by an improving (post injury) Nick Wallen (25:18), Anthony Everitt (27:33), Tracy Allison (28:18) and volunteer tail runner James Wright (54:59).

The Halloween spirit made its way into one of the timing devices at Fountains Abbey meaning that a number of times were missing. Guy Close dodged the gremlins however and recorded a time of 20:11. Dawn Richardson was also in attendance, using the event as a warm up for Sundays Guy Fawkes 10 race, stopping the watch in 31:26.
Working our way down the country, Clare Aynsley attended the Newark event, clocking 32:43. Down in London, Derek Calvert achieved a time of 23:12 at Crystal Palace.

The annual Guy Fawkes 10 mile race, organised by our friends at Nidd Valley Road Runners, was held in warm conditions on Sunday morning. The course is one of the toughest events on the local racing calendar, providing a real test for the 11 Striders who attended. First back into the finish area at Ripley Castle was James Wright who set a time of 01:13:26. Next up were Dan Wilson (01:18:16) and Conrad Garcia (01:19:23) who’s time saw him leapfrog James into 3rd place in the Club Championship standings. As has been the case all season, Nicola Carter and Sima Lowery battled it out for first Female Strider home. Nicola came out on top, recording a time of 01:21:38, to wrap up the Club Championship for 2015 with one event to go. Sima followed shortly behind in 01:22:05. Next back to collect his chocolate (great goodie bags!) was Julian Carr (01:28:28) and he was chased down by Pamela Singleton (01:33:13), Andrea Price (01:44:11), Dawn Richardson (01:48:39) and coming across the line together were Katie Gray and June Graham who both clocked 02:00:05.

See Eric’s earlier post for a roundup of Club Championship standings.


Eleven Striders tackled this tough 10 miler hosted by local rivals Nidd Valley (see separate report for more detail).

In the Ladies Championship, Pam Singleton took the win on our age grading system which elevated her from 13th to 7th in the Championship, Nicola was next and remains overall winner of the Championship and Sima cemented second place. Dawn was next and put a bit more space between herself and Andrea. Katie Gray and June Graham recorded there first points with June 6th and Katie 7th.

In the Mens Championship, Ian has won, however today’s results saw Conrad continue his excellent late season form and move from 7th to 3rd. Martin maintains 2nd place by two points from him. A battle ensues between James and Dan with just 2 points the difference. They are in 4th and 5th place respectively. Julian improved his points tally and remains in 6th.

The championships ends with the Leeds Abbey Dash on 15/11.

I am already preparing the 2016 Championship and comments about this seasons races and the championship format are welcome, critical or otherwise. In formulating next years event suggestions are most welcome about races that we might add /or take out, and on format.



Whixley 10k – 25.10.15

Perfect running conditions greeted 140 runners at the inaugural Whixley 10k. Striders made up 10% of the starting field, with 14 members in attendance.

The course was very much multi-terrain and was a good test for the winter trail shoes that were coming out of hibernation!

The first 3 Striders home were split by only 3 seconds. Andy Robinson (41:28) was in a photo finish with the ever youthful Ian Mitchell (41:29) and they were closely followed by Guy Close (41:31). James Wright (43:13) was next across the finish line, with Phil Cornforth (44:07) 5th Strider back. A close knit pack of female Striders came in just over the 50 minute mark. They were led home by Sue Morley (50:07), with Nicky Christie (50:24) and Anna Cornforth (50:52). They were joined at the event by club coach Eric Morley (53:09), Tony Everitt (55:18), Tom Burell (56:37), Lucy Cartwright (57:42), Tracy Allison (58:16), Andrea Price (59:01) and Alison Jackson (01:04:15).

For photos of the event, visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/n0rman0/albums/72157660353385162

Weekend Results – 17th and 18th October

A rather belated round up of results from last weekend – apologies for the delay!

There was a good turnout of 6 Striders at Harrogate parkrun, with Guy Close leading them home in 19:57. In his first parkrun for a while, Ian Mitchell achieved a time of 20:43. Next up was Phil Chatterton, who ran a course PB in 22:56. Also in attendance at the Stray were Anthony Everitt (27:10), Tracy Allison (27:47) and Rob Charlesworth (28:27).

Nicola Carter undertook some parkrun tourism, finishing in a time of 23:27 at Parke parkrun which is situated in Devon. This event is also the ‘local one’ for Brenda Grant who recently moved from North Yorkshire down to the area. Brenda completed the course in 38:14.

On Sunday, Striders were in attendance at two events – the 10 mile Shaun Lee Johnstone Trail run and the Amsterdam Half Marathon. Sima Lowery provided a short report from the SLJ event,

“The 8th Shaun Lee Johnstone multi terrain 10 Mile race was held on Sunday, with 4 Striders taking on the challenge. Spared by the rain which came earlier, everyone showed great endurance to battle through relentless muddy fields and an undulating course. There was great support and atmosphere along the way not to mention the worthy cause everyone was running for. A well thought out refreshments stand with warm drinks, cakes and tasty bacon butties relieved weary finishers! Ian Mitchell was first back, completing the course in 01:16:11. Following Ian were Sima Lowery (01:19:09), Lucy Taylor (01:46:05) and Bill Kirkpatrick (01:47:55).”

The first Striders European Trip was a huge success. Cool conditions greeted the 8 Striders running in the Amsterdam Half Marathon on Sunday afternoon, with a number of PB times recorded. Martin Brock had great run, finishing in 01:25:46, to lead home the Striders contingent. He was joined by Andy Robinson (01:29:25), James Wright (01:29:55), Dan Wilson (01:30:07), Julian Carr (01:46:40), Andrea Price (02:07:36), Dawn Richardson (02:09:52) and Natalie Hale (02:19:00). A full report on the event can be found within the news section of the club website.

Weekend Results – 10th and 11th October

A bumper weekend of results for Striders….please let us know if any are missing!

Starting on Saturday morning, Guy Close ran the Harrogate parkrun in a PB time of 19:46. Graeme Kilvington was next Strider home, achieving his 2nd PB in a row with a runtastic 22:57. They were joined on the Stray by Nick Wallen (25:33), Tom Burell (26:59) and Tracy Allison (29:23).

At Fountains Abbey, Phil Chatterton took 6 seconds off his PB, finishing in 22:04. Chasing Phil down were Andrea Price (28:42), Dawn Richardson (29:52) and Clare Aynsley (31:08).

Up in the North East, Nicola Carter made her second visit of the year to the Gateshead event, clocking a time of 22:11.

On Sunday morning, 4 different events were visited by Striders. Starting with the ‘big hitter’, the club were well represented at the 3rd running of the Yorkshire Marathon. Stewart Hymas was first back, coming in under the 4 hour mark with a time of 03:50:47. Sean Brennan was next down the finish straight at York University, smashing his PB to record a time of 04:16:38. Undertaking her first Marathon, Club Secretary Alison Dales achieved a superb 04:25:01. Jane Day also took on the challenge of the York based event, finishing in a fantastic 04:48:14.

As part of the Yorkshire Marathon event, the inaugural York 10 Mile was also held on Sunday. Julian Carr and Rachel Hargreaves took part, recording times of 01:19:04 and 01:36:03 respectively.

Taking on the VERY hilly Richmond Castle 10k race were regular racers Clare McKenzie and Karen McNaughton. They completed the course in 57:24 and 01:03:23.

Dawn Richardson headed over to Scarborough for the Yorkshire Coast 10km race, clocking a PB time of 59:20.

Well done to all – its great to see the club represented at so many different events.

Time Trial – 15/09/15

After a damp start to the day, drier and milder weather greeted 26 Striders for the latest Time Trial event on Thursday evening.

The third and final TT of the year was a handicap event, with all those who had run at least one of the previous two events in 2015 setting off in order of times previously set.

Thanks to Eric for organising the event and to all of the volunteers that helped on the night.

The results were as follows –
Actual Time (Clock Finish Time / Handicap)

Martin Brock – 19:02 (36:19 / 17:17)
Rob Clarke – 19:07 (36:58 / 17:51)
Andy Robinson – 19:14 (36:24 / 17:10)
James Wright 19:40 (36:22 / 16:42)
Guy Close – 20:13 (35:42 / 15:28)
David Cremins – 21:27 (36:37 / 15:10)
Phil Cornforth – 21:29 (36:09 / 14:40)
Sima Lowery – 21:38 (36:14 / 14:36)
Sean Brennan – 22:18 (36:19 / 14:01)
Gareth Conkleton – 22:39 (36:20 / 13:41)
Julian Carr – 22:44 (37:01 / 14:17)
Derek Calvert – 22:48 (22:48 / First TT)
Guy Marshall – 23:32 (35:47 / 12:15)
Phil Chatterton – 23:53 (36:03 / 12:10)
Tom Burrell – 24:58 (35:51 / 10:53)
Liam Kennedy – 25:20 (25:20 / First TT)
John Greveson – 25:34 (36:39 / 11:05)
Clare McKenzie – 25:57 (36:48 / 10:51)
Julie Beardwell – 25:59 (25:59 / First TT)
Peter Noble – 26:37 (26:37 / First TT)
Lucy Taylor – 27:28 ( 27:28 / First TT)
Tracy Allison – 27:35 (36:46 / 9:11)
Gemma Harding – 27:36 (36:20 / 8:44)
Gillian Mulholland – 32:39 (36:14 / 8:44)
Heather Hammond – 35:27 (35:43 / 0:16)
Ellie Archer – 36:14 (36:14 / 0:00)

Sesssay Swift – 26/08/15

On a warm night for running, 9 Striders visited the village of Sessay, near Thirsk, to take on the flat 6k course of the ‘Sessay Swift’ event.

Martin Brock led home the Striders contingent, finishing in 22:47. The next 3 members across the line were tightly packed and split by only 9 seconds. Andy Robinson, registering a time of 23:26, was chased down by James Wright (23:30) and Dan Wilson (23:35). The ever improving Sima Lowery (26:18) was first women back for the club, just beating Nicola Carter (26:22). Dawn Richardson and David Sowery crossed the line together with times of 35:46, with Brenda Grant also achieving a great time of 37:23.

parkrun – 29/08/15

The Stray Fun Fair didn’t bring a stop to the Harrogate parkrun, with 6 Striders visiting. Ian Mitchell was first back from dodging the dodgems with a time of 21:36. On a good morning for running, Ian was joined by Nicola Carter (22:15), Julian Carr (23:25), Anthony Everitt (28:16), Brenda Grant (32:27) and Tracy Allison (33:16). Well done to Julian for completing his 50th parkrun (visiting 7 different events along the way!).

A number of Striders undertook some ‘parkrun tourism’ this weekend. Edna Wood visited the Skipton event, finsishing her second parkrun in 28:54. Fountains Abbey, which will welcome a large contingent of Striders this coming Saturday (5th September), was visited by Guy Close (20:42) and Conrad Garcia (21:16). A day after completing a Coast to Coast bike ride (madness!!), Andy Robinson recorded a time of 20:46 at Northallerton.

Time Trial Results

On a warm night for running, 36 members took on Eric’s second Time Trial of the year.

It was great to see a number of new runners down at the club and fantastic to hear of the improvements people had made since the first time trial.

A BIG thanks to all the volunteers who made sure the event ran smoothly!

Full results are as follows;

Simon Shaw – 18:31
Rob Clarke – 19:01
James Wright – 19:20
Ian Mitchell – 20:03
Guy Close – 20:34
Conrad Garcia – 20:51
David Cremins – 20:52
Nicola Carter – 20:57
Sima Lowery – 21:26
Julian Carr – 21:45
Sean Brennan – 22:01
Gareth Conkleton – 22:11
Nick Wallen – 22:56
Gary Varley – 22:58
Tom Fisher – 23:06
Dean Logan – 23:44
Guy Marshall – 23:47
Chloe Logan – 23:48
Steve Kinton – 24:29
John Greveson – 24:57
Donna Rogers – 26:17
Tracy Allison – 26:51
Gemma Harding – 27:18
Jo Bower – 28:27
Helen Price – 28:38
Dawn Richardson – 29:30
Zoe Varley – 30:20
Katie Byrne – 30:29
Louise Kinton – 30:50
Chris Lines – 31:14
Clare Aynsley – 31:40
Rachel Doswell – 32:05
Emma Greveson – 32:25
Gill Mulholland – 32:27
Sarah Emsley – 34:25
James Wild – 34:25