Fell Championship 2021


fELL cHAMPS 20121

Races will be selected from two organisations: The Fell Runners Association and the British Open Fell Runners Association. The FRA will begin issuing Licenses to Race Organisers from March 29th. BOFRA aim to run most of their usual Calendar and will be publicising that once they have acquired permissions from various Landowners to use their land.

FINAL Standings

After 10 events:  FINAL Standings after 10 rounds


 2nd to 20th June. Jack Bloor Fell Course – Striders Virtual Event

The Jack Bloor race is our ‘own’ Virtual event but using details from the ‘official’ virtual event which took place during May – please disregard any dates listed.

Map: jackbloor.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015-JBR-Senior-Course-Map.pdf

Details: www.jackbloor.co.uk/race-details/

Instructions: jackbloor.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/JBR-2021-MR-Instructions.pdf

Results: Fell Champs Round 1 2021 – Jack Bloor Results Strider Results

24/6/2021 Kettlewell Anniversary race [LIVE EVENT]

NOTE: Evening Race – 7.30pm
Details: nlfr.co.uk/races/kettlewell/

Results: Full race results Strider Results

17/7/21 Ingleborough [LIVE EVENT]

Details:  www.settleharriers.org [No contenders at this round]

25/7/21 The Herriot Run [LIVE EVENT]

Details: www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/homepage.php?ClubID=254

Results: Full race results Strider Results

29/7/21 Dick Hudson’s [LIVE EVENT]

Details: wharfedaleharriers.co.uk/events/dickhudsons/

Results: Full race results Strider Results


Details: otleyac.org.uk/round-hill-fell-race/ Strider Results

14/8/21 Eldwick Gala [LIVE EVENT]

Details:  http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=7425

5/9/21  Burnsall Fell Race [LIVE EVENT]

NOW CONFIRMED. Details: http://bofra.org.uk/racecalendar/

19/9/21 Embsay Fell Race [LIVE EVENT]

Details: British Open Fell Runners Association http://bofra.org.uk/

25/9/21 Great Whernside [LIVE EVENT]

Details: wharfedaleharriers.co.uk.


  • From 29/3/21 all Races are PRE ENTRY. After 21/6/20 this MAY change.
  • Events will be added or substituted as the championship progresses, depending on which events are able to take place. If a suitable substitute race cannot be found, ‘virtual’.
  • Early entry advised to all ‘Live’ races.
  • The Committee Strongly recommends that all runners view both www.fellrunner.org.uk and http://bofra.org.uk with reference to COVID GUIDANCE , RACE DAY ENTRY & THE CARRYING OF OF FULL KIT TO RACES, Virtual, Live and Recce runs.
  • REMEMBER to Adhere to the new FRA and BOFRA rule (detailed above) which states any device that has a GPS facility CANNOT be used for Navigating or Position fixing. You can view details of this at www.fellrunner.org.uk


FRA Rule changes for 2021.

  1. The use of GPS (and other like electronic devices) will be Prohibited for Navigation and Position Fixing, this includes display of map ,fixing current position, following a breadcrumb trail or any “off track” visual or audible warnings. BUT they may be used to display distance travelled, time, speed or altitude + recording of an actual route for  post race analysis.
  2. Maps and Compasses used must be Physical not Electronic.
  3. Individual Race organisers are free to ban walking poles and headphones .
  4. Race organisers can now charge a cheaper entry fee for FRA members.

You do not need to join  the FRA or BOFRA to run in their races.

The Club Fell Championship will consist of 10 races. Your best 5 results will be used for scoring in the Championship.

June 2nd will be the date used in calculating age-graded results.

There will be Ladies and Men’s Award.