With our most of our Ben Campbell Club Championship events cancelled or on hold for the foreseeable future, we have developed a virtual championship to keep you all involved over the next few months!

The structure and rules are very similar to our usual Club Championship, but with a few obvious changes to allow us to compete - albeit for fun - under the current restrictions. We have a range of distances and terrain across the events, so there should be something to suit everyone!

Current Standings :

VC20 FINAL Standings Overall

VC20 FINAL Standings by Category




Event description



16th to 29th June

Run a 10k route. Any route is acceptable.


13th to 26th July

Conyngham Hall summer route. Please do not run this at 9am on a Saturday. Any other time is fine.


29th June to 12th July

Run a 7k trail route. Any off-road route is acceptable.


27th July to 9th Aug

Mob Match against Nidd Valley! Run a 10k to start and finish in the same place.


10th to 30th August

HDRSL 'Knaresborough Striders' route, approx. 6miles. Link to Route Maps: K'boro start   Bilton Start


31st Aug to 20th Sept

Run a half marathon. Any route is acceptable.


21st Sept to 11th Oct

'Knaresborough Crag Rat Run’ route - omitting laps of Cricket Club. Start and finish at the gates. Strava Map  Crag Rat Course in Pictures 


12th to 25th October

Run a 6k night race. All runners must wear high-vis and a head torch. 


26th Oct to 1st Nov

'St Robert's Rush' 1 mile TT route (Abbey Road). You have ONE week to run ONE mile! Submit your attempt at our 1k Time Trial course along the beautiful Abbey Road in Knaresborough. 


2nd to 15th November

(not)parkrun - 5k route of your choice. This should aim to achieve 50% road and 50% off-road like Harrogate or Conyngham Hall parkruns.


16th November to 2nd December

Run a 5-mile trail route of your own choice. A 'Trail run' is generally accepted to be a run on any unpaved surface - not on the road or footpath. Very often, routes are more rural and include more gradient than a 'road run'. A small amount of running on roads and footpaths is acceptable, either to get you from home to the trail route or to connect the significant portions of trail on your run.


3rd to 20th December

Knaresborough Striders' 5k time trial route (Aspin Estate) Route map (strava)

Who can take part?

  • The Virtual Championship is open to all club members, including those without EA registration.

What is a 'virtual' championship?

  • The Virtual Championship comprises a series of 12 different 'events' which you can choose to try. You can try one, several or all events.
  • Each event takes place in a window of approximately two weeks - you run the event at any time during that window. This is to ensure we do not all try to run the same route on the same day. You are also advised to chose quieter times and days for your runs in order to help maintain physical distancing (currently 2m).
  • Each event has a specified distance which you must run, some have a specific type of terrain to run on and one has a specific time of day! Most of the events do not have a specific location or course, so it is up to you to plan your route.
  • There will be an overall winner of the championship, plus individual category winners. The club may also award spot prizes during or after the championship.

How does the club know that I have run?

Once you have completed your attempt for each event, you must submit details of your run using the 'Submit result' links in the table below. Results will close 2 days after the end of each event. We will not be asking evidence of your run to be provided and are confident in the trust and integrity of our members! Do however feel free to share details of your run with fellow members who will no doubt be generous with their praise!

What are the Rules and Regulations?

  • You MUST ensure your safety and that of others at all times. Should an attempt at an event not be feasible, try again at a more suitable time.
  • Should you choose to run alongside other club members, or any other runners, please follow the England Athletics guidelines carefully - groups of no more than 6 and all physically distanced.
  • Your declared time for each event must be the 'elapsed time', i.e. the duration between beginning and end the run. Stops and breaks in your run must be included in the time. Please don't use the 'Moving time' option which is now provided by some systems such as Strava.
  • In the interests of fairness, wherever possible please try to run a 'net flat' route which ideally begins and ends in the same location. If this is not possible, please ensure that no unfair advantage is gained through elevation.

How is the championship calculated?

  • Results will be provided for the following categories: Overall (all members), Female (overall), Male (overall) Female Senior, Female 35-39, F40-44, F45-49, F50-54, F55-59, F60-64, F65+, Male Senior, Male 35-39, M40-44, M45-49, M50-54, M55-59, M60-64, M65+. This is a change from our normal club championship.
  • Age grading adjustments will be applied  in the same manner as our Club Championship and your age on 16/06/2020 will be used to determine your grading, providing a level playing-field for all. Once age-grading has been applied to your result, we will publish your overall position and your position within your category for that race.
  • A minimum of 6 events from the 12 must be completed in order to qualify for the final Championship results.
  • For those completing more than 6 events, your best 6 results will determine your final position.