VXC21 wider

After the success of our VC20 virtual championship, we move into the cross-country season but of course the PECO XC series is not taking place this year.

Instead we are organising a short Striders’ virtual cross-country series to get you through the dark winter months with some glorious muddy challenges!

The structure and rules will be very similar to participants of the VC20!


2021 Cross-Country Champion: Sima Lowery

2nd place: Nicola Carter

3rd Place: Carla Reddish

Full results: Overall Standings after all 5 rounds

Category Winners:

Female Senior Cross-Country Champion: Beyhan Akyollu

Male Senior Cross-Country Champion: Aidan McNab

Female Veteran Cross-Country Champion: Sima Lowery

Male Veteran Cross-Country Champion: Steve Ellmore

Category Standings after all 5 events

Congratulations to all 26 hardy Striders who took part!



Event 1:  Conyngham Cross

Dates: From 1st to 24th January 2021

Event description: The ‘Conyngham Cross’ uses a 1.7mile route winding around the Conyngham Hall estate, Horseshoe fields, Foolish Wood and Macintosh park. It includes the ‘off-road’ sections of the Conyngham Hall parkrun course.

Course details: Click here to view description and photographs

Results: VXC Event 1 Results

Event 2:  Bilton Blast

Dates: From 25th January to 7th Feb

Event description: Based on and around the stretch of old railway east of Bilton lane, the course takes several loops around local fields. Distinctly flatter than Event 1!

Course details: Bilton Blast – step by step     strava map: https://strava.app.link/UfcV1Ha9idb

Results: VXC Event 2 Results

Event 3:  Jacob Smith Park

Dates: 8th to 21st February

Event description: Bequeathed to the town, this park is already a popular location with many of our Striders. The circuit around the perimeter of the park has its ups and downs in a fantastic setting!

Course details: 5 laps (in either direction) around the outer perimeter paths of the park – no short cuts! Start/Finish at the gate.

Results: VXC Event 3 Results

Event 4:  Crimple Valley

Dates: 22nd February to 7th March

Event description: Inspired by the PECO event held at this location in the past, this 2-lap version will be simpler to navigate but include many of best bits you ‘enjoyed’ previously!

Course details: VXC21 Crimple

Results:  VXC Event 4 Results

Event 5:  Birkham Woods

Dates: 8th to 28th March

Event description: Beginning and ending at top of the Lido site, this undulating course quickly heads into the ancient Birkham Woods for three laps of the 1.1mile ‘Birkham Brute’ loop taking in woodland, the south bank of the River Nidd and a sharp scramble, before heading uphill back to the finish!

Course details: VXC21 Round 5 DETAILS AND MAPS    Strava route  

Results:  VCX21 Event 5 Results

Who can take part?

  • The Virtual Cross-Country Challenge is open to all club members. EA registration is not required to take part.

What is the ‘virtual’ Cross-Country Challenge?

  • The Virtual Cross-Country Challenge comprises a series of 5 ‘events’ which you can choose to participate in. You can complete one, several or all events. These events will be off-road and very similar in nature to those normally comprising the PECO XC championship.
  • Each event takes place in a window of approximately two weeks – you run the event at any time during that window. This is to ensure we do not all try to run the same route on the same day. You are also advised to chose quieter times and days for your runs in order to help maintain physical distancing in accordance with current government guidelines.
  • Each event has a specified cross-country route of between 4 and 5 miles which you should complete. To assist with navigation, these will likely comprise multiple laps of a smaller route. Details of these routes, directions and other guidelines will be published on our VXC21 page prior to each event.
  • There will be an overall winner of the championship, plus individual category winners. The club may also award spot prizes during or after the championship.

How does the club know that I have run?

Once you have completed your attempt for each event, you must submit details of your run using the ‘Submit result’ links below. Results will close 2 days after the end of each event. We will not be asking evidence of your run to be provided and are confident in the trust and integrity of our members! Do however feel free to share details of your run with fellow members who will no doubt be generous with their praise!

What are the Rules and Regulations?

  • You MUST ensure your safety and that of others at all times. Should an attempt at an event not be feasible, try again at a more suitable time.
  • Should you choose to run alongside other club members, or any other runners, please follow the current government guidelines in place at the time.
  • Your declared time for each event must be the ‘elapsed time’, i.e. the duration between beginning and end the run. Stops and breaks in your run must be included in the time. Please don’t use the ‘Moving time’ option which is now provided by some systems such as Strava.

How is the championship calculated?

  • Age grading adjustments will be applied in the same manner as our Club Championship and your age on 1/01/2021 will be used to determine your grading, providing a level playing-field for all. Once age-grading has been applied to your result, we will publish your overall position and your position within your category for that race.
  • Categories will be announced after the first event is complete and will reflect the number of participants.
  • A minimum of 3 events from the 5 must be completed in order to qualify for the final challenge results.
  • For those completing more than 3 events, your best 3 results will determine your final position.