Training nights

The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the Knaresborough Cricket club (see map) and offers a wide range of groups to cater for all abilities. An overview of the groups we run, all led by run leaders, is below:











Walking Group

Most Tuesdays we have a walk group, catering for those who are building up to Jog or perhaps recovering from injury.

Jog Groups
We now have as many as three Jogging groups in the club, catering for all – from the novice runner, up to the seasoned weekend 10k racer and beyond. So if you are new to running or training for a first event this is a great place to come and experience Striders first hand:

  • Jog 3 : up to 4 miles at pace of 13:00+ min miles.
  • Jog 2 : up to 4.5 miles at pace of between 10:30 and 13:00 min miles.
  • Jog 1 : up to 4.5 miles at pace of between 9:30 and 11:00 min miles.

Intermediate Group
This group is aimed at the regular runner who enjoys a good run out with a few stops to catch your breath on the way. The usual sessions for this group would entail a longer (steady paced) run of a round 5 miles at a pace of between 8:30 and 10:00 minute miles on a Tuesday, with a more relaxed shorter 4 mile run on a Thursday.

Run Group
This group is aimed at the regular runner who runs at a pace of 09:00 minute miles or faster. The group goes out on a Thursday evening for a run of approximately 10km at a pace no slower than 8:30min/mi.

Structured Training Session, May 2017

Structured Training Session

Structured Training Sessions
Taking place on Tuesdays, these sessions are aimed at everyone who is looking to improve. Using a mix of intervals, hills, speed and endurance work the aim is to make you fitter, faster and stronger while still enjoying yourself and adding an occasional bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure! So if you are chasing that parkrun PB or want to move up from one group to the next, come along on a Tuesday and we will do our best to help.


Take on 10Take on Ten (Summer 2019)

‘Take on Ten’ is a new 8-week programme commencing in Summer 2019 which aims to take those who have recently taken-up running  – such those having completed our ‘Zero-to-Hero’ programme – onto the next level. The programme will also be of interest to existing runners who would like a new challenge or improve their confidence – perhaps moving up from parkrun to something a bit longer. The intention is to develop stamina and confidence with a view to completing a 10K race at the end of the programme. Our qualified run leaders will be on hand to provide guidance, encouragement and training throughout the process. The planned ‘graduation’ will be at an Autumn 10K event.

The programme will be open to existing or new members. In a similar manner to our Z2K courses, the ‘Take on Ten’ group will head out on Tuesday evenings with our run leaders. If you are interested, please indicate so by completing the following brief questionnaire: Take on Ten and we’ll provide more details as soon as they are available!

Zero to Hero
Our Z2H courses have helped take complete non-runners up to a 5km run after 8 weeks of training. The courses, taken by a group of qualified run leaders, take you through every aspect of running so you can comfortably and confidently join our other groups at the end.  Further details of future courses will be posted here when available, however if you are interested in joining outside of these times, please contact the club to see how we can help you reach your goals.